Inside Texas Tech

Texas Tech Public Art Program

Season 6 Episode 3 | 26m 47s

Texas Tech has a huge collection of public art and requires new buildings to include funding for art. The people behind the program, as well as some of the artists, explain the origins and why art is so important for the campus and the students. Additional videography by Allison Terry. For more information visit:

Aired: 04/07/16

Rating: NR

Video has closed captioning.

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University Public Art Pieces shown in video 1. “Texas Rising” by Joe O’Connell & Blessing Hancock, TTU – West Village 2. “Untitled” by Robert Bruno, TTU – College of Architecture 3. “Four Faces” by Michael Stutz, TTU – Tarkington Hall 4. “Fountain” by Juanjo Novella, TTU – Petroleum Engineering 5. “Read Reader” by Terry Allen, TTU – Student Union Building 6. “Tornado of Ideas” by Tom Otterness, TTU – Student Union Building 7. “Masked Rider” by Grant Speed, TTU – Frazier Alumni Pavilion 8. “Riding Into the Sunset” by Electra Waggoner Biggs, TTU – Memorial Circle 9. “Agave Dreams” by Julian Voss-Andreae, TTU – Biology Building 10. “Preston Smith” by Glenna Goodacre, TTU – Administration Building 11. “Primordial Garden” by Adela Andea, TTU – College of Human Sciences 12. “Knowledge Structure” by Marco Cianfanelli, TTU – Innovation Hub at Research Park 13. “On the Banks of the Bosque” by Bruce Greene, TTU – National Ranching Heritage Center (artwork not funded by the TTU System Public Art Program) 14. “Steers” by Terrell O’Brien, TTU - National Ranching Heritage Center (artwork not funded by the TTU System Public Art Program) 15. “The Messengers” by David B. Hickman, TTU – College of Media and Communications 16. “Park Place” by Glenna Goodacre, TTU – College of Human Sciences 17. “Wind River” by Deborah Butterfield, TTU – Murray Hall 18. “We Are in the Business of Changing the World” by Joe Barrington & Tara Conley, TTU – Rawls College of Business 19. “Flowmotion” by Nancy Lovendahl, TTU – Exercise & Sports Sciences Building 20. “The Fire Inside” by Mark Chew, TTU – Creative Movement Studio 21. “Rain Stones” by Rebecca Thompson, TTU – Bayer Plant Science Building 22. “Headwaters” by Larry Kirkland, TTU – English/Philosophy & Education Complex 23. “Untitled” (Stainless Steel Globe) by Health & Company, LLC, TTU – International Cultural Center (artwork not funded by the TTU System Public Art Program) 24. “SunHelix” by Roger White Stoller, ASU – Plaza Verde Dorm 25. “Signature Piece” by Barry Dean Harvey, TTUHSC Amarillo - Entrance 26. “El Intercambio” by Larry Kirkland, TTUHSC El Paso – Paul L. Foster School of Medicine 27. “Bulls” by Peter Woytuk, TTU – Animal & Food Sciences Building