Ride the Tiger

Mania and Depression | Ride the Tiger

Clip: Episode 1 | 3m 35s

Bipolar disorder can cause euphoric highs in periods of mania and devastating lows during bouts of depression. As these moods cycle, people with bipolar disorder experience thoughts and feelings most people cannot imagine. Watch these interviews of people with bipolar disorder discuss in fascinating detail how it feels to experience mania and depression.

Aired: 04/12/16

Rating: NR

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Ride the Tiger was made possible by the World Heritage Foundation - Prechter Family Fund, Joseph J. Laurencelle Memorial Foundation, Kenwal Steel Corporation, Ethel & James Flinn Foundation, Lincoln Behavioral Services, Marjorie & Maxwell Jospey Foundation, Jeffrey & Jennifer Farber Philanthropic Fund and the George A. Orley Memorial Fund. Additional support by Kenneth Eisenberg, Jo Elyn and George Nyman, Dr. Brian and Elizabeth Guz, the Donald and Mary Kosch Foundation and members of DPTV.