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Watch full episodes (during streaming windows), and video shorts and previews from the broadcast and digital series.

GENERAL STREAMING: NOV 6-DEC 4, 2022                                 


Episode 1: The Crossing

There is a very stark line between before boot camp and after boot camp.

Episode 2: The Mission

Military life shapes service men and women in profound, unexpected ways.

Episode 3: The Return

For many Veterans, the road back to civilian life is full of uncertainty.

Episode 4: The Reckoning

How can Veterans and civilians find common ground, and move America forward together.


American Veteran Series Preview

Episode 3: The Return: Preview

Episode 2: The Mission: Preview

Episode 4: The Reckoning: Preview


Basic Training: Overcoming the Odds

How do you overcome personal challenges, when up against the extreme trials of Boot Camp?

Basic Training: We’re in This Together

Kinship and cooperation can be the key to success in boot camp.

In the Heat of Battle

What’s it like to be in combat? Veterans describe their experiences.

This excerpt contains veterans’ descriptions of difficult experiences in combat.

Kill Or Be Killed

Soldiers are trained to kill, but in reality, the impact of this can be formidable.

This excerpt contains veterans’ descriptions of difficult choices they faced in combat.

POW Shoshana Johnson’s Story

The first Black female POW in U.S. military history, Shoshana Johnson, shares her story.

This excerpt contains a veteran’s description of her experiences as a prisoner of war.

Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Military

Anuradha Bhagwati is changing the conversation about sexual harassment in the military.

This excerpt contains a veteran’s description of her experiences of sexual harassment in the military.

On my Own: Navigating Life After the Military

The military experience can provide a Veteran with a wealth of transferable skills.

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: A Survivor’s Story

An Army Veteran opens up about the injustices he faced under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’.

This excerpt describes a veteran’s experience of being discharged under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Finding a Purpose After Military Service

Marine Corps Veteran Jake Wood had trouble finding direction after his military service.

Telling Our Story

How do we bridge the gap between military and non-military?

Objects That Matter: The Vietnam Vets Memorial Collection

Army Veteran Duery Felton, Jr., is instrumental in curating a very important collection.



Meaningful objects that helped these American veterans through deployment and beyond.

The Unbreakable Bond Between a Combat Veteran and His Puppy

A combat veteran fights to bring home a rescue puppy from Syria.

This Native American Veteran Carried a Pebble Into War

A Cheyenne-Arapaho veteran uses lessons from his ancestors to survive in Vietnam.

What a Small Gift From a Civilian Means to This Army Veteran

An Army officer reflects on her military career and learning to look beyond differences.

4: How Rap and a Broken Mic help this Iraq Vet Survive

Jeff “Soldier Hard” Barillaro recorded rap to relieve stress while deployed in Iraq.

What a Stuffed Bunny Means to This Military Family

A stuffed bunny becomes a symbol of family and home for this Marine veteran.

In Iran They Left Hostages Behind; One Veteran Kept The Maps

A failed mission motivates this Army veteran to learn from mistakes and fight for change.