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Obelisk in position Into Position
by Peter Tyson
March 22, 1999

Update on obelisk raising: This photo tells it all at this stage. Late yesterday afternoon Rick and Wyle Brown succeeding in getting their wooden framework assembled on the obelisk. (In building the framework, they had to use existing pieces of southern yellow pine that were much larger than they required, which is why the framework appears much bulkier than it needs to be.)

Today, the team slid the framework to the butt end of the obelisk and lashed it down. They also moved the obelisk into position, with its center of gravity positioned close to but still behind the giant pivot timber you see at the end of the ramp. As I left them late this afternoon, just after I took this photo, the Browns and Iolo Roberts were busy lashing the pivot timber to the obelisk.

In the photo, you can also see the counterweight block in the lower right. Hanging off the end of the timber frame, this stone will help ease the amount of pulling on the ropes extending between the counterweight and this end of the timber framework. Notice also the pile of sand, which covers the pedestal. As the obelisk swings down into position, the sand will cushion its bottom end, aiding the team in easing the obelisk into the pedestal's turning groove.

If all goes to plan, after months of preparation, we will attempt to raise the obelisk tomorrow. Bookmark this page!

Peter Tyson is Online Producer of NOVA.

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