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Kim, it's kinda hard to explain her. You guys know her as "Wild Child," so to speak. But I learned something long ago about her, and that's why we're still friends. We're just friends, and I won't make it no more than that. You see, I've known her since first grade, second grade, something like that. And, I've seen how many boyfriends she's dated, how it's always ended up. Let's put it this way: If a normal boy, if they were to lay in a bed with a girl all night -- she's no relation to them -- they'll probably jump at the chance to take advantage of her. I'm not that type of person, by God. I'm layin' with a friend, I'm gonna be all over on the other side of the bed, all the way over, if not on the floor. I mean, that's just how I am. I will not make something more of a friendship. I can't, 'cause I know how it ends. It ends just like Roseanna and me. It ends as I wind up being made out to be the bad guy, and I wind up having a new enemy.

I used to have a crush on Kim, and I mean a big crush. But, you see, I'm this type of boy, I could probably get a crush on any girl. When I was younger, I'd get a crush on any girl that'd show a little affection. Well, one day, I asked her the same question, said, "Listen, I like ya a lot. Would you like go out?" Two days later, she winds up going out with my brother. And it tore me up, but I didn't let it bother me. But, that's why I've learned: do not ever ask a friend you've known for a long time, or just a short time, "Would you like to go out?" That's the worst thing you can do, 'cause it ruins you.

If you'd've asked if I would've wanted to go out with her a couple years ago, if she wasn't my friend, I'd have said yes. Now, no. I known her so long as a friend, there's no use in tryin' to make it something more, 'cause it ain't worth it. I'm not attracted to Kim at all. She's like another one of the guys to me. Honestly.

kim and chris

Chris and Kim

Kim's easy-going. She's not afraid, she sees something, she's gonna go for it. It doesn't matter what it is. I guess she's always been the strong type. Or at least mentally strong.

I guess the reason me and her get along is cause I guess we're a little alike. You know, we both had trouble in school. We both have some sorta problems at home. They may not be the same, but we still have them.

I think she's wantin' to do the same I'm wantin' to do: graduate, get outta school. I mean, I don't know her goals at this moment, but I'd say that's one of 'em. She's very intelligent. She likes to write. She likes to read.

I don't know what she wants from me. But I guess that's sort of like the enjoyment, the curiosity. I've always wanted a type of adventure. What better way than to figure out the opposite sex? And right now it's been an adventure ever since. It's hilarious, I mean, one minute, I'd think she's wanting more. The next minute, she wants to be my friend. I don't understand.

She's just a good friend. That's how I see her. She sees other people, it don't bother me. I see other people, I don't know whether it bothers her or not, but, I guess it don't. Like I said, I don't know how a woman thinks. I don't get it. So, what I do is I don't worry about it.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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