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"earning my way"

For most people working is like, I dunno, a vampire and a cross -- just don't happen. But to me, that's one thing I've enjoyed, 'cause I feel like I'm earning it. I like I deserve this, I deserve this money that they give to me.

A lot of people can just, if they want to borrow money, go ask somebody. Me, I can't do that. I literally have to just drop every ounce of pride I've got before I can do it. And I try to keep from doing that as much as possible. So what I want to do is work, earn my way. You know, the classic work-my-way-through-college. That's pretty much my plan.

At Alice Lloyd, you work your way through college, but not the way I wanna work. I'll be honest with you. The reason why I had such a hard time working at David School was because I felt out of place the last two periods of the day. I mean, while all my friends are in class, doing stuff, I'm sitting here cleaning the toilet. And every time I'd have students walk past me, I'd have some ridicule me, make fun of me. And if I'd been a regular student, without having to clean and shit, then they wouldn't say one damn word to me.

Chris at work at Taco Bell

Everyone at Alice Lloyd does work, but it would feel the same way for me there as if I was back at David School cleaning toilets. I don't know why, that's just how I am. If I'm in a work environment, I want to literally be in a pure work environment, which means restaurants, grocery stores, it don't matter. I just never could work at a school. I never did feel right. All the halls I've practically built out there at the David School, and now, I'm cleaning them.

I love to work -- not many people can say that -- the feeling of being independent. Earning my way. Enjoying the moment. Meeting new people. Anything and everything. Learning a new skill. I mean, I know flipping a burger doesn't mean much to most people, but it is a skill. A trade you can learn.

I like anything and everything when it comes to working. My problem is, I get bored easy. But when I'm working, I can always find something different, even if it's repetitive.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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