I was shocked when I saw the aggressive anti-serbian propaganda you presented on 5/26/98 . You manipulated with people's tragedy for your own political interest .

It will come the time when you will be ashamed for what you did . How can you dare to ask for the money from the viewers and provide low quality program like this ?

L.I., N.Y.


Thank you for dedicating your investigative resources to the important program tonight on Radovan Karadzic. The U.S. and many nations have invested heavily in bringing the war to an end and we must continue to make all efforts to bring this man and General Mladic to justice. In addition, the current President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, who masterminded much of the campaign of ethnic persecution, evictions, apartheid and massacres, should also be brought into the same Court. Radovan Karadzic would have been powerless without direct military support of the Serbian regime and Yugoslav army. In fact, the attacks on civilians which were shown in the program is happening today in the Serbian province of Kosovo, by war veterans of BiH killing fields -- the Serbian paramilitary forces under Milosevic's command.

For many of us who witnessed the senseless slaughter in former Yugoslavia throughout those awful years of seiges, this conflict has marked a profound turning point. A new legion of human rights activists are dedicated to making sure that these crimes will not be forgotten, and they will be documented and judged by the world. For those of your viewers who might want to join that growing community, there is an excellent internet discussion group hosted at Buffalo University Human Rights Center called Tribunal Watch. Archives of the discussions and announcements from activists, attornies, peace workers and concerned people from around the world who are following both the Yugoslav and Rwandan trials can be found at:


Information on free subscription to the mailing list can be found at:


Thank you again for both your valuable program and the informative web site. We also congratulate Pippa Scott and the Balkan Archives for their remarkable achievements in collecting A/V documentation on the war crimes throughout the conflict which adds to an tremendous body of evidence of these crimes against humanity.

Nalini Lasiewicz
Los Angeles, CA


As terrible as this has been, one must remember that it was predicted when Tito Broz died. As long as the world community continues to be reactive instead of proactive these types of attrocities will be repeated in other parts of the world. We must become a 'world community'.

Alfred Dietrich
San Diego, CA


I just finished watching the piece on Karadzic. It was very emotional for me because my great-grandmother was from Croatia. I am constantly reminded that I could have very easily been born in Croatia and would have fought in this war with no winner. Thank you for the program. There seems very little posistive feedback about the show. I want you to know that the show helped me to remember where I came from. The program showed how easy it is for any of us to fall into evil and haterd. I could have been over there killing people that would remind me of my father, brother, or mother. People that are reacting to the program are reacting to the surface issues. They cannot see the real issue: human life being tossed aside as worthless.

Timothy Seyfer
Loveland, CO


It was touching to see the Serbian Flag displayed on American television. Usually it is only the Croat-like checkers of the new banner. All sides in this region have blood on their hands. This includes the U.S. Who do you think bought Milosevic's attention at Dayton and beyond? When they got Milosevic's price or broke him through sanctions; Dr. Karadzic was sold out as a "War Criminal" and our fleeting international memories fade to black on another ill faded attempt to manipulate the peoples of the Balkans. History knows the true victims and heroes. Even in your Frontline Flashback you failed to mention the role of Gen. Draza Mihailovich and the chetnick forces that saved 500 American airmen in WW II until he was sold out at Yalta. One needs to look at the Muslim goal of a pathway through to Europe just as in years past and the funding sources of the middle east supporters. Dr. Karadzic is a "mid level street dealer" at best. At least he honestly belives his rectoric, unlike the flip-flopping of Lawrence Eagleberger and company that betrayed the peace process at Geneva. I do not condone the killing of civilians for any cause, but one must for the sake of the truth investigate with a even hand. American anylists talk as if WW II was so long ago. Well over there it still is not resolved. Perhaps it has something to do with seeing your family torn out of their home and slaughtered. They are not interested in cleaning up their act to join the EC or stabilizing their currency or importing widgets from the U.S. if they "fall in line" during a presidential voting year - Last time Yugslavia was front page. It is different and U.S. policy makers need to have a grasp of everyones version of "History" before trying to impose their own rewrites. I remember the pride of seeing the beautiful city during the Olympic games and the worlds positive attention. The answer is out there, but we must be willing to consider some of the Serbian perspectives during the process.

Slippery Rock, PA


This "report" was so biased and hypocritical that it isn't even worth commenting on. Atrocities were committed on all sides, that is the unfortunate nature of war. Could any war leader of any nation defend against a charge of "War Crimes" if viewed from the perspective of their enemies.

It does bring focus on the growing power of the United Nations to persecute for the first time individual citizens. Sure they start with War Criminals but in a few years who will they go after? This report shows how the United Nations can be usurped by political interests to enact punishment against their foes.

The UN can be quite scary when you are at the

other end of the barrelof their guns. We need to reign in the UN before it is to late. And America needs to get out of Bosnia which, had the orginal timetable been kept we would have already been out of before we suffer another Somalia.



I really don't know why do you let people to post their opinions regards to what happned in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It just aggrivates people. It is to late to bring dead to live as they used to. We know that Serbs are the ones who killed us, and there is nothing else to say. We do not need poets, we wanted freedom 6 years ago, but the world watched them kill us. Peace on earth and always live my Bosnia and Herzegovina!

, Florida


I saw the movie you have played on the TV, so I decided to write to you. I'am american serbian, who left the former yugoslavia, because i couldn't go to war against people that I've spend most of my life with. But to come back to the point, this movie shocked me because for everithing that had hapend in past 7 years Karadzic is the only one blamed for. You never considered that Alija Izetbegovic had one of the roles in this pased war, neder Franjo Tudjman, or Slobodan Milosevic. I'd like to know what makes you think that serbians are the ones who should take responsibility for this war. Do you know serbian history, do you know that same musliams and croats were with nazis just 50 years ago, and what makes you think that they have changed? Didi you ever ask your self who does the bombing in the US, oh yes you know, but let me tell you just in case, musliams are, the ones who were you helping in the past war. I think that american people deserves to know the throught.

Chicago, United States


Slaughtering innoccent unarmed civilians is a war crime. It doesn't improve an armies chance of winning the war, all it does is ensure that the land will be ethnically pure. Its unbelievable that someone will come out in public and display their full ignorance by questioning whether Serb actions were war crimes and whether Serb leaders were aware of this. They were aware and they made it no secret. They even preached ethnic cleansing/GENOCIDE in their speeches.

Ja Sam
Miami, FL


The ongoing massacre of ethnic Albanians by Serbian police and paramilitary units in Kosovo should serve as a wake up call to the international community. Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, and the so called moderate President of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia, Biljana Plavsic, have not abandoned their dream of Greater Serbia.

The history of Serbian

aggression since hostilities began in 1991 in the former Yugoslavia reiterates the need for

international vigilance backed by the threat of military intervention in dealing with an aggressor that understands only force. To quote George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

Jerome Buterin
St. Louis, MO


The picture you show of a concentration camp has proven to be a fraud many years ago. Not surprisingly, PBS has stayed true to its agenda by not faltering from its anti-Serb stance. The following is an excerpt from ITN that broke this fake story.

"The fact is that Fikret Alic and his fellow Bosnian Muslims were not imprisoned behind a barbed wire fence. There was no barbed wire

fence surrounding Trnopolje camp. It was not a prison, and certainly no a 'concentration camp', but a collection centre for refugees, many of whom went there seeking safety and could leave again if they wished.

The barbed wire in the picture is not around the Bosnian Muslims; it is around the cameraman and the journalists. It formed part of a broken-down barbed wire fence encircling a small compound that was next to Trnopolje camp. The British news team filmed from inside this compound, shooting pictures of the refugees and the camp through the compound fence. In the eyes of many who saw them, the resulting pictures left the false impression that the Bosnian Muslims were caged behind barbed wire."

The rest of this story can be found http://www.srpska-mreza.com/lm-f97/LM97_Bosnia.html">here

Toronto, Canada


I just finished watching your promotion of the World Court, disguised under the title of "The most wanted man in the world." It is sad to see this so called world growing in acceptance. This is part of the UN push to take over our lives and freedoms with non-elected officals.

How can Karadzic be blamed for all the crime that went on there? Were they really crimes? War is war, you do what you have to do to win. The people of Bosnia desire to live in separate ethnic nations and all I see is NATO the UN's army trying to deny them their dreams.

Dallas, Republic of Texas


Its said to see the desperate attempts of the Serbs, both here on this discussion group and in real life, to displace responsibility for what they have done. The breadline massacre was committed by the Serbs, the UN didn't want to admit knowledge of this because they didn't want to get involved. The market massacre was also committed by the Serbs and was proven without a shadow of a doubt by the UN. Srebrenica's massacre was committed by the Serbs Mladic even had the nerve to assure everyone that noone would be harmed. The destruction of Bosnia's rich architecture, art, literature, and culture was committed by the Serbs to hide the fact that people in Bosnia managed to look a cultural differences as an oppurtunity for learning rather than a reason to kill for hundreds of years until........ the Greater Serbian idea was reinvented by Milosevic. Let me quote the Serb, Dusko Tomic, in saying that "Nikola Tesla was a Great Serb, he brought good to the whole world. Radovan Karadzic, the Great War Criminal, brought hurt to the whole world!"

Aliste glupi


Overwhelming evidence indicates that Gen. Mladic took his orders from President Milosevic, not from President Karadzic. There is no paper tail and no documents that implicate Karadzic in genocide. So how do you prosecute this man on alleged 7,000 victims whose corpses have never been found and where few, if any witnesses are willing to come forward? The world appears to need war criminals so badly that we prove willing to invent them for convenience. The Serbs were denied self-determination by the international community on numerous occasions in this war, Dr. Karadzic was never referred to as president or Commander and Chief until he was indicted. The Tribunal now says that this was not an international conflict but an internal war, therefore the accused cannot be tried for 95% of the alleged crimes that have been filed against him.

William Dorich
Los Angeles, California


Ivan Milchin, a Serb, i'm just spreading Karadzic's propaganda. Don't listen to him. The people of Bosnia have lived together peacefully for a long time side by side as neighbors. They intermarried 25% of Bosnian households are mixed marriages. They can live together peacefully and it is our duty to help.

Jebemti Ivan Milchin
Seattle, WA



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