Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic is the most wanted man in the world. Indicted in July 1995 by the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, he has so far escaped capture and prosecution for genocide and crimes against humanity. He's alleged to have sanctioned concentration camps, torture, rape and massacres of civilians.

Through interviews with his mother and with former friends and colleagues, this report offers intriguing insights into Karadzic's character, personality and many faces. As a doctor, he shelled his own hospital. As a poet he fueled the rhetoric of fanaticism. As commander in chief, he oversaw the sniping campaign against Sarajevo's civilians and the massacre of several thousand Muslim men in Srebrenica.

Interweaving Karadzic's story with the catastrophe of Yugoslavia's breakup the film shows how Karadzic's career and transformation mirrors the country's spiral into nationalism, war and genocide. A resident of Sarajevo, Karadzic was among the first who turned against his colleagues and Muslim neighbors.

As of 2001, dozens of Yugoslav war criminals have been publicly indicted, with Karadzic and his war commander General Mladic among the few top leaders in that group. Will the NATO-led force in Bosnia arrest Karadzic? A fugitive for six years - his whereabouts known to many - the world waits to see if he will be killed, captured or turn himself in. Top U.S. authorities in Bosnia were predicting ( when this report was first broadcast in May 1998), that the net was closing.


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