What Turned Bosnia Into a Killing Field?

An Expert's Overview of the Collapse of Yugoslavia, the War and the Genocide.

The judges of the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague called upon Professor Paul Garde to explain the mix of history, religion, grievance and murderous ambition behind Yugoslavia's catastrophe. Here are the questions which Garde fielded from the judges and, his answers.

How Yugoslavia's Destroyers Harnessed the Media

Chris Bennett was a war reporter in Yugoslavia during the early 1990s and observed how the media became propagandists for the rival republics. And were exploited skillfully by leaders like Milosevic.

Two Kings' Battle

A Serbian war song about a battle fought eight decades ago.

The Last Cable

by Warren Zimmerman
Following Yugoslavia's collapse, its last U.S. ambassador wrote this cable to the U.S. Secretary of State analyzing what had been destroyed and why. It's a bitter analysis/elegy and focuses in part on Milosevic's role in the destruction.


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