Press Reactions

from Chicago Sun-Times by Hedy Weiss

"A rather fragmented and emotionally high-pitched look at the life and current status of the 54-year-old Karadzic, the two and a half star documentary may be confusing to those who have not closely followed events in Bosnia. At its most intriguing it offers insights into Karadzic's sheer opportunism. And for pure human interest, the interviews with Karadzic's mother, and with the mothers of his victims, are riveting. So are the moments in which his former friends, including an actor who lost both legs in the siege of Sarajevo talks about the man.

from The New York Times by Walter Goodman

"Along with offering a profile of the sometime doctor, poet and military strategist who has so far escaped prosecution by the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, the 90-minute program also serves as an indictment of the United States and European governments for failing to act while thousands of Bosnians were tormented and killed.

The portrait by those who knew the Bosnian chieftain in his earlier years is not flattering. He is pictured as a vainglorious careerist and a hypocritical and ruthless politician, qualities that brought him to power in Bosnia after the death of Tito and the breakup of Yugoslavia."

from San Francisco Chronicle by John Carman

"...FRONTLINE stumbles tonight with The World's Most Wanted Man. The fugitive in question is Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb commander who laid siege to Sarajevo and is allegedly responsible for concentration camps, mass killings and rapes.

Karadzic, a former poet and psychiatrist, would be a welcome defendant at the United Nation's War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. But he's on the lam, and U.N. troops aren't going out of their way to catch him.

The disappointing FRONTLINE program, done in association with Britain's Channel 4 Television, amounts to a sloppy, skimpy and often confusing profile of Karadzic.

Beware if you watch; the program contains some bloody footage from the Sarajevo siege."

from The Hollywood Reporter by Barry Garron

"...The program spends even more time looking at his background and the elements that combined to create this bloodythirsty, power-crazed fiend. There's also an explanation for why it has taken so long to bring him to justice and why, even now with the noose tightening, he has yet to be arrested.

Director Kevin Sim cobbled together many interviews, including some with former allies and even with Karadzic's own mother. If anything, he is too thorough. Although it is a compelling international story, most American viewers would rather watch reruns of a Ross Perot analysis of the federal budget than spend 90 minutes learning about a villainous Bosnian Serbian war criminal. Judicious editing to cut the documentary to an hour would have been helpful."

from The Star-Ledger Newark by Jerry Krupnick

"FRONTLINE in another explosive 90-minute documentary, goes on the hunt tonight for Radovan Karadzic, reporting on his origins, his rise to leadership and why he is considered one of the most notorious, war criminals of the century."

"...Along with Karadzic himself, there are four people whose testimony tells us most of what we want to know about this man on the run and what he is accused of doing during the bloody Bosnia massacre."


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