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Impressions of Karadzic

A short but insightful sketch by Warren Zimmerman who was the last U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia

Karadzic the Poet

Four untitled poems.

Karadzic and the Marketplace Massacre

The gruesome atrocity of the Sarajevo marketplace massacre in February 1994 was one of the most widely- reported events in the war. Mark Danner describes the aftermath of the bombing and goes on to an examination of the man who led the forces responsible for it, Bosnian Serb leader Dr. Radovan Karadzic. Danner uses his interview with Karadzic to explore the historical suspicions and fears that formed a background to the war.

1997 Interview with Karadzic

It's better for them to kill me

A Dutch journalist's interview with Karadzic in his family house in Pale which includes questions about the Markela marketplace bombing and the mass murder at Srebrenica.

War Tribunal Evidence:  A Videoclip of Karadzic

This footage was introduced into evidence at the special hearing on Karadzic held by the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

The footage shows a boastful Dr. Karadzic standing with the Russian poet Liminov on a hilltop overlooking beseiged Sarajevo. Karadzic invites the Russian to fire a high-powered sniper gun into the city.

A Chronology of Karadzic's Life

With dates and key events.


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