The disgracefull method of ethnic cleansing being condoned by the president of serbia should cease forthwith and the people who have been forced from thier homes should be allowed to return under the protection of a multi-national peacekeeping force.

Milosovic should resign immediately and stand trial for the crimes he has commited against the Kosovar people.

It is also obvious why the Russians are sticking up for Milosovic as they are past masters of oppresion. Ask Afghanistan.

stephen ransley
flintshire, wales


When will reporters be charged with war crimes, because of their role in spreading ethnic hatred against a whole people?

Ethnic hartred, lies and instability in the Balkans is the achievement of journalism of this kind, as a result of truth and objectivity being put aside.

This reportage proves only one thing and that surely isn't Mr. Karadzic's guilt, namely that some journalists can write and claim anything without having to bear any responsibility for their words.

That happened all time during the Bosnia/Croatia war, and seems to have been started again with the crises in Kosovo.

Gteborg, Sweden


I have travelled and studied extensively in the "Balkan" countries. Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria -- some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now some of them stand cultural and economic relics of "war" and politicians' megalomanic fantasies of grandeur.

The war is still going on. Perhaps a different kind of war but as inhuman and disturbing in nature. It is the women that are dragged/kidnapped/persuaded to 'work' as prostitutes to neighbouring countries; it is the children that are kidnapped to be sold to the highest bidder; it is the peoples' fortunes that are sold for near to nothing in the bazaars of Greece and Italy; it is a booming drug trade that makes some rich but ends the lives of thousands of others. Have your journalists seen this war?

Karadzic and his political circle have to be caught and punished. You are right what took place is beyond a massacre; IT IS GENOCIDE! What is taking place today is cultural and economic annihilation. This has to be stopped as well.

Dr. Elena Kambitsi
Salt Lake City, UT


Several earlier participants have pointed out specific problems with this show. My point is more general: PBS's task in general, and Frontline's in particular, is to exercise professional and investigative journalism, not to parrot debased nonsense pervasive in mainstream media. Otherwise, its raison d' etre disappears, and the public will remain utterly unable to understand the next conflict or our role in it, when it arises.

Radmilo Bozinovic
San Jose, CA


Slob-odan Milosovic. Rad-ovan Karadzic. The slob and the rat. Seldom has history provided such easy to remember names. I was of course appalled as I watched Frontline last night, but not so much by the doings of "Rat" Karadzic and his cronies. It was old news.I became inured to that information years ago. The appalling thing is that he has not been arrested and brought to Holland. The U.S. excuse for this is that they will not risk any casualties in executing the warrant. This is a little bit like a heavily armed swat team not wanting to raid a crack house because the criminals might actually shoot back.

Very sad. Of course, it will eventually be the Brits who take him out. The Brits, including their politicians, still have what old Maggie Thatcher called "backbone". That means "guts" to all you Americans. The other disturbing, although not unexpected, thing I found was in reading the correspondence after the show, all the letters in defence of Karadzic. Like a bunch of latter-day holocast deniers, they try to ignore the obvious facts and provide pathetically feeble 'alternate versions'. "There were no camps - only refugee centres" or "it wasn't the Serbs shelling Sarajevo, it was a Bosnian plot to draw sympathy to their cause" they even belive this after seeing extensive video clips of Karadzic and an old cronie up in the hills, and the cronie merrily machine-gunning the city!!.

But I guess fanatics have always been blind to any reality but their own. Thank you Frontline, for week after week of intelligent, in-depth reporting.

Geoffrey Wilkinson
Vancouver, British Columbia


I am a 16 year old YUGOSLAVIAN. My parents are both of Croatian descent my father was born in Serbia but my mother was not. I lived for 13 years in Belgrade Serbia, and I was a little bit surprised by your program because it mentiones Karadjic but it misses couple of other personalities like Arkan who is being hunted by Interpol for reasons I do not know but i do clearly remember his involvment in Bosnia and lets no forget Tudjman and Slobodan Miloshevich. I just hoped your story on Yugoslavia would be expanded.

P.S: You call Yugoslavia: FORMER YOUGOSLAVIA but yougoslavia still exsists except now it's only Montenegro and Serbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Thank you for your continued Journalistic excellence in Investigative Reporting. Institutions such as Frontline are

important in our culture because of your honest reporting of significant issues and stories that are most often overlooked

by the mainstream media because of their perceived lack of commercial or entertainment value.

I watched the report last night on Dr. Radovan Karadzic and the war in Bosnia. In reading the letters from viewers on the web site, I was struck by the apathy and disinterest in what had happened in Bosnia as expressed by some of the viewers. I was shocked the same way in 1992 when I discovered the scope of disinterest held in my community and my country by it seemed most people about what was going on in Bosnia. Even though the facts were

coming in on a regular basis via news reporting , public and political outcry or outrage seemed to be almost nonexistent.

My shame at this state of affairs led me with no formal education to enroll in a local community college to take remedial courses in English, Writing , and Journalism in order that I might learn the skills to do "something" about this appalling state of affairs. In the next two years every thing that I wrote about Bosnia and submitted for publication was accepted and published. Thank you Frontline and PBS because if you don't do it, who will.

Don Wheeler
Franklin Square, New York


Frontline's program on Karadzic was villently one-sided. It did not address at all the reason why Karadzic and Yugoslavia do not recognize the jurisdiction of the War Crimes Tribunal. The Tribunal is biased against Serbs and consequently, Karadzic cannot receive a fair trial.

For example, why has President Tudjman of Croatia not been indicted for genocide, when Carl Bildt publicly expressed support for the idea. Croatia ethnically cleansed 600,000 Serbs from Croatia in 1995. And yet there is no international outrage, no reporting, no sanctions, no indictments...

Karadzic should go to the Hague, but only when Croation and Muslim war criminals are indicted and tried as well.

Palo Alto, CA


I saw the Frontline program

last night, and have to admit that there is

much about the political situation of this war that is incomprehensible. How can we ever unravel who did what, and when, now that so much killing has already taken place?

Also, why focus so much on one man? There are many who bear the responsibility for what happened in Bosnia -- including those in the international community. People failed to act early enough, somehow thinking that it was not their place -- to act, to care.

The Frontline episode's footage of the marketplace slaughter was painfully difficult to watch. I wept openly in despair and anger that this war ever had to happen.

When will we learn? What steps can be taken so that genocide will end?

In the litany of different "genocidal" situations that have taken place around the world since WWII, I have not yet come across any mention of the extermination of indigenous tribal people that is currently taking place in the United States. It is so easy for us to point the finger across the ocean, and never look to our own history or current events. Native Americans are routinely denied access to their traditional religious practices in this country and prevented from visiting ancient gathering places and sacred sites. Indian people are being moved off their lands and are dying of disease, alcoholism and extreme poverty. Very infrequently does THIS issue get an airing on public television.

We must ask ourselves why this is so, and then -- ACT to do something about it!

The extermination of those who are not "like" us is a practice that must end, no matter where it occurs.

Portland, Oregon


I used to believe that we could all be friends in Bosnia. Growing up in Vlasenica, a suburb of Sarajevo, we had all kinds of people in town. Primarily Muslims but many Serbs as well. But no one cared then, we were all friends and we all went to school together, played together, shared thoughts together. When the war broke out we couldn't believe it. My father, my neighbors all around me, no one could believe that bullets were being fired in Sarajevo. Rumors started spreading about the start of atrocities but no one believed them. The police came through town collecting weapons as a precaution. That was the start of the end for us. After that we were slowly collected for interogation by our Serb neighbors and beaten in the local jails. Some never came home. I fled with my father to Srebrenica. There with thousands of other Bosnian muslims I lost my life at the hand of a Serbian neighbor. All that is left for me is a friend living in the States that carries my memory...

Vlasenica, Bosnia


It is almost unbelievable that is spite of all the first hand accounts and hard evidence that Serbs still glorify and try to deny the attrocities initiated by Karadzic and his leadership. Sadly the rest of the world still even takes the time to listen to the Serb lies and defensive arguments. Anyone who knows anything about the conflict and the history in the region knows that the bloody Serbian campaign has been planned and calculated down to each bullet.

It was good to see that an "independent" braodcaster finally showed the true Serbian flag and all they stand for. The skull and crossbones represents the death and destruction they have brought to the region. A self proclaimed message of proud Serbian ideals. It is long overdue for the world to see the truth and what Karadzic and his Serb followers trully are.

Remember the Serbs are strong and ruthless when attacking defenseless civilians, look at Kosovo now. When confronted on a equal level or on a disadvantage they will back down and run, just like in Croatia during the 3 day Oluja operation. It is up to the world to confront and stop the Serbs and bring them to justice for their crimes.

Toronto, Canada


One of the most unfortunate developments of the war crimes tribunal is that it did not include competance over 'crimes against peace,' as the Nuremburg trials did. Such crimes include the starting of the war in the former Yugoslavia. Slobodan Milosevic obviously bears much blame for this. However to include these crimes would have unraveled the basis of the Dayton Accords that Milosevic should have any say over the internal organization of Bosnia and probably for that reason were not included. The tragic result is that the initial and base crime, that of attacking a neighboring state, in violation of all international law, goes unpunished.

Neil Baumgardner
Arlington, VA


May 27, 1992

- Disaster in Sarajevo. People lined up for bread were attacked, and at least seventeen killed. Presidency claims it was a Serb mortar attack, Serbs claim it was set-up using explosives. Our people tell us there were a number of things that didnt fit. The streets had been blocked of just before the incident. Once the crowd was let in and had lined up, the media appeared but kept their distance. The attack took place, and the media were immediately on the scene. The majority of the people killed are alleged to be tame Serbs.

Page 193-194.

PEACEKEEPER, The Road to Sarajevo

by Major General Lewis MacKenzie,

Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto

c1993, ISBN 1-55054-098-x



To question whether Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic had control over the genocide perpetrated by the Serbs in Bosnia, would be to question whether Hilter had control over the Nazis. And while what happened in Bosnia is not the Holocaust, it was genocide - a systematic extermination of "undesirables".

But Milosevic, Karadzic, Maldic and the Bosnian Serb forces under their control are not solely culpable. The international "community" bears a significant degree of responsibility.

When the UN, under pressure from Security Council members traditionally allied with Serbia, GRANTED Yugoslavia's i.e. Serbia's request for an arms embargo on Bosnia and Croatia, it contravened it's own Charter which guarantees a people the right to defend themselves, and sealed the fate of every non-Serb man, woman and child in Bosnia.

So while Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic and his forces played their combined role as Bosnia's executioners, the UN, CSCE and the international "community" ensured that Non-Serbs in Bosnia got their last meal and went to the scaffold with their hands tied behind their backs.

Meri Emmersenne
Toronto, Ontario


I just saw the Frontline program on Radovan Karadzic. I sat stunned at once by the attrocities of which humanity is still capable, and another at the complacency to which we as a community are willing to let justice go in the name of ... what. The theatre producer in the wheel chair says he cannot forgive. This is not about forgiveness. Forgivieness is divine and as such must ultimately come from within Karadzic's own heart for himself. Perhaps he feels he has nothing to forgive himself for... I digress.

Forgiveness must only come form within the hearts of the people who have prepetrated the attrocities. Again, I say this is not about forgivness, it is about justice. It is about the importance to see what a human being is capable of. Radovan Karadzic is the product of a time and place. His experience on this planet is full of a darkness he is only beginning to understand. Likewise it is a darkness, a side of human nature we, the human race are intrigued with but are compelled to point a finger as if we are not capable of the same. In a sense, Karadzic's experience is one of ours. One we must own as ours if we are to overcome it for the sake of good.

Without this recognition, we will not be able to forgive ourselves. Likewise, for Karadzic, until he is able to recognize what he has done as evil, he will not know forgiveness.

The war in Bosnia, as all wars, teach a lesson on the dangers of nationalism. When we allow nationalism to persuade our judgement, our soul is lost to the darkness that is always there. There is room to become less than animals. We are no longer in touch with our humanity and therefore unable to see the humanity darkness seeks to destroy.

The evolution of humanity demands Karadzic be brought to bear for his actions, that justice be done with that recognition and justice would be a small solitary place for the rest of his days, where he could ponder this question of his own humanity.

George Bush's New World Order is not in order. It may be a time to reflect on what is driving "globalization" and what humanity stands to lose or gain from it. In Bosnia, and the rest of what was once Yugoslavia, many people lived and dreamed and worked and played. Now many are dead and maimed. We have all lost. It is time to learn.

Christian Brooks
San Francisco, CA


It is sad sad sad sad to hear these lies

lies lies lies al over again again again again and again. Anybody who took only one course in journalism knows that, but what percent of population has that knowledge -close to zero. And result? Here , on Frontline pages we have a War Propaganda that Goebels himself would sign his name under!

And the reason for all of that? Karadzic's refusal to comply with New World Order Criminals policies - something "outrageous" that never happened before and probably won't for a long time until next great Serbian/Montenegrian leader comes up :. Yes folks, Radovan Karadzic is an extraordinary person who devoted his whole life to help other people he is a doctor of medicine, a remarkable relator, an altruist, orator, whose poems gave strength to Serbian people in former Bosnia to withstand the torture for last few decades. Only he had the courage to stand up - amongst almost 2 millions Serbs in Bosnia - only Radovan raised his voice.

Imagine how big that torture must have been! Only "Les Miserables" like Srebrov and Vesovic can dispute that.

New Order Tribunal expects each new leader to be obedient puppet like Sali Berisha in Albania, Kiro Gligorov in Macedonia, Drnovsek in Slovenia, Tudjman in Croatia. But, there are no puppets in Montenegro, homeland of Radovan Karadzic. Nor there will be ever. So they decide to destroy Radovan by all means, at any price. If they do not destroy him today, tomorrow maybe even Kiro Gligorov might decide to escape from Alcatraz! They cannot harm Gadafi, nor Sadam Hussein - Arabs are too powerfull they develop strategies to do that later though but they can harm small country like Republic of Srbska and its leader and - hey - they can experiment with nuclear weapon there as well. Oh, Gee, look how happy their faces are especially Louis Harbour,marginal persona, who cannot even hide the greed for glory - this is her 5 minutes, there are millions murdered each month in Sudan, Ruanda and who knows where else and our Louis sings about - Radovan.

Aferim Louis! Maybe she falled in love with his poems who knows.

Andjelko Muslimator
Serbian Sarajevo, Greater Serbia



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