Genocide and War Crimes:  Past, Present & Future

Never Again - The World's Most Unfulfilled Promise

Over the past fifty years America has led the world in condemning genocide. So why has genocide occurred so often and so uncontested? An examination by Samantha Power.

Establishing An International Criminal Court

Readings on the efforts to establish a permanent world court which would have jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In July 1998 the world community overwhelmingly endorsed the creation of this International Criminal Court. 120 nations voted for the Court; the U.S. was one of seven nations voting against it.

Inventing Peace

What can Vermeer teach us about Bosnia? Lawrence Weschler has covered the ongoing Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague and writes of a three-hundred-year-old lesson about fashioning order in a world of chaos.

An Anatomy Lesson

An essay by Lawrence Weschler in which he comes to realize the real meaning in Rembrandt's famous painting, and how this connects to the work of the War Crimes Tribunal's judges, lawyers and investigators.


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