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Cyber Spotters | Nature Nation


Each week, we feature a worthy citizen science project or nature news segment from around the nation. This week’s is Cyber Spotters from the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online.

Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online | World Wildlife Federation

The coalition was formed by three organizations (World Wildlife Federation (WWF), TRAFFIC¬† and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)) and partners with several additional corporations. They also allow companies to sign up and adopt agreements that help enforce rules and regulations to limit (and hopefully eradicate) online wildlife trafficking measures, providing “updated global and regional trade trend data, training materials, policy guidance and educational information for users to help spot illegal products.”

They even have information on how individuals can be involved in spotting, reporting and stopping illegal cyber-criminals looking to trade wildlife and/or products online and share tips including what to look out for online and how to report it.

Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online

Help save elephants, pangolins, rhinos, turtles, tigers and more by becoming a cyber spotter.



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