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Good NATURE: Santa’s Wild Home


After each NATURE premiere, we gather online videos we love into a playlist. From our newest film to incredible footage from around the web, here were our favorites. And don’t forget, you can always subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

In Case You Missed It:

Watch “Santa’s Wild Home” HERE

Get an intimate look at the wildlife of Lapland, a region in northern Finland, the fabled home of Santa Claus and actual home of reindeer, great gray owls, wolverines, eagles, wolves, musk oxen, brown bears and more. Watch HERE.

Our Favorite Moments From the Film:

Follow Thousands of Reindeer on an Epic Journey

Witness the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of reindeer in Lapland.

Why Are Orcas Known as Wolves of the Sea?

Orcas have a special way of hunting herring.

More Good Nature:

Soothing Auroras

Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels.

Learn all about the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and watch their soothing lights dance across the sky HERE.

Good Nature Playlist:

From Great Big Story, BBC and more, continue learning about magical lapland with this playlist!

For Kids:

Wild Kratts: Not All Deer are Reindeer!

Credit: PBS KIDS

Not all deer are reindeer! The Kratt brothers explain the difference between reindeer and other types of deer, like white-tailed deer and caribou. Watch on PBS KIDS here.

Odd Squad: Santa’s Missing Reindeer

Credit: PBS KIDS

Two of Santa’s reindeer are loose and flying all over the world! By graphing coordinates on a map, Olive and Otto try to locate them. Watch on PBS KIDS here.

Four Facts About Reindeer

From SciShow Kids, here are some kid-friendly reindeer facts.


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