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Green Watch | Nature Nation


Each week, we feature a worthy citizen science project or nature news segment from around the world. This week we’re featuring Green Watch: Sport, Recreation and Active Transit.

Green Watch

Green Watch encourages citizens to explore the public green spaces around them. How accessible are they? How clean are they? How are they being used and by whom? According to the website, the steps are easy, so long as public green space is available and safe to explore:

STEP 1: Go walking in your area. As you walk, stop at bike paths, parks, green spaces, forests, stadiums or sport fields.
STEP 2: At your stop, snap a picture of the space (or a couple of pictures, if it can’t be captured in just one).
STEP 3: Fill out a short questionnaire as best you can, and upload the pictures you took.
STEP 4: Keep walking to the next space.

Helping your neighborhood is in your hands!


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