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Nature Reads Round Up


Here it is – your curated list of nature news compiled from across the internet! Read on for links to interesting studies and recent happenings in the natural world.


A female specimen of a zebrafish (Danio rerio) breed with fantails

If you’re feeling your age you may want to check out this article which delves into what bats, primates and even zebrafish tell us about human aging.

Thanks to a citizen science, storytelling project, we finally know (roughly) how many squirrels are living in Central Park.

Who would have thought that spiders would risk their lives for love? A biological study on wolf spiders found their elaborate courtship behavior makes them an easy mark for birds and other predators.

Meet the piping plover population that’s nearly doubled on New York’s Fire Island since Hurricane Sandy.

You may have seen several articles over the past month about the fossils of the arctic hyena. Get the full scoop on the prehistoric carnivore known as Chasmaporthetes.