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Nature Reads Round-Up


As usual, the natural world is brimming with interesting new research, exciting happenings, and lively debates! Here’s what we’re reading this week…

Photo by Laura College

After watching episode three of Super Cats, you may be interested in learning more about tiger conservation efforts. New genome research is helping scientists better classify tigers into numerous subspecies which some believe is the only path to preserving what is left of the animal’s genetic diversity.

Can you imagine going whale watching from space?

The results are in and this year’s winner in Katmai National Park and Reserve’s annual “fattest bear” contest is Bear 409 Beadnose! This annual competition to identify the park’s chubbiest champ is a fun way to acknowledge the struggle these bears go through and the dramatic physical changes they must undergo to survive their winter hibernation.

A new study that pinpoints the genes in deer that allow them to quickly regrow their antlers could one day lead to treatments for people who suffer bone ailments like osteoporosis.

And finally, a topic everyone has been buzzing about – Biologists and drone operators alike share their concerns about that particular viral baby bear video you likely saw in your social media feed. What appears to be a life-affirming triumph is really a cautionary tale about drones and wildlife.