Yellowstone Wolf | Nature Nation

Each week, we feature a worthy citizen science project or nature news segment from around the nation. This week’s is Yellowstone Wolf: Project Citizen Science.

Yellowstone Wolf: Project Citizen Science

This citizen science project takes place in one of America’s most beloved places: Yellowstone National Park. Whether you’re one of its four million visitors a year, a wolf enthusiast, or a lover of photography, this project is for you.

Wolves are extremely important to the Rocky Mountain area. Decades after the government stripped the area of wolves in the 1920s, the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, which included Northern Rocky Mountain wolves as a listed species. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that wolves were re-introduced into Yellowstone, so scientists are still studying wolves and their packs to learn as much as they can about the role they play in their ecosystems.


Junction Butte Pack courtesy of Yellowstone Wolf

It’s simple: you can contribute by uploading photos or simply scrolling through photos and commenting to help identify certain features of individual wolves or wolves in a pack. Get started here.