A Prayer by Rowan Williams

Read an evening prayer specially written by Rowan Williams, forthcoming in September in FAMILY PRAYERS by Nick Aiken and Rowan Williams (Paulist Press):

My breath, my heart, my mind, my whole life fills with joy
Because of God, who’s not forgotten me, whose strength surrounds and lifts me up.
All through the centuries that have passed
God showed his patience and forgiveness;
God makes the proud and pompous folk look foolish, and cares for the simple ones who trust him.
God turns the rich and selfish into beggars. God feeds the hungry and the poor.
All through the centuries, God is faithful to those he promises will be his friends.
Your beauty fills the earth and the sky; the saints and angels sing to you;
God everlasting, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

(Adapted from Luke 1)