Constitution Games

Did you know that only 38 percent of Americans can name all three branches of the U.S. government? Test your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Play iCivics’ Power Play, Branches of Power and Do I Have a Right? games, and take the citizenship quiz to find out if you could pass a U.S. citizenship test. Good luck!

Power Play Power Play

Do you know what powers are centered in Washington D.C. and which belong to the individual states? In Power Play, you’ll coach a team of players competing to win power for state or federal government!

Branches of Power Branches of Power

Do you like running things? Try your hand at running the government!

Branches of Power Do I Have a Right?

Do you think you know your rights? Play the game to find out!

To become a citizen of the U.S., prospective Americans must demonstrate their knowledge of basic American history, geography, and the rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship. How well would you do?

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