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To accompany this joint FRONTLINE/The New York Times report, here is a collection of articles from The New York Times (no registration required) on China and terrorism, the Taiwan issue, the April 2001 U.S. spy plane incident, U.S.-China relations, and The New York Times interview with China's president Jiang Zemin in August 2001.

Fearing Unrest, China Presses Muslim Group

by Craig S. Smith, 10/5/01
"Abudu Pu'er, a young Uighur man from Xinjiang, the region in China's far west, didn't sleep much Sunday night. He wandered from gritty hostel to humble guest house looking for a bed, but was turned away at every door."
China's About-Face: Support for U.S. on Terror

by Erik Eckholm, 9/30/01
"Abudu Pu'er, a young Uighur man from Xinjiang, the region in China's far west, didn't sleep much Sunday night. He wandered from gritty hostel to humble guest house looking for a bed, but was turned away at every door."
spy plane incident
How Bush Had to Calm Hawks In Devising a Response to China

by David Sanger, 4/13/01
"Early this week, in the midst of stalemated talks with China over the release of 24 Americans detained on Hainan island, the commander of United States forces in the Pacific recommended dispatching the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk up the coast of China, to send Beijing's leaders a message of American resolve."
Delicate Diplomatic Dance Ends Bush's First Crisis

by David Sanger, 4/12/01
"The United States and China resolved their standoff today after President Bush approved compromise language saying the United States was "very sorry" for the loss of a Chinese pilot, and for an American spy plane's emergency landing on Chinese soil. But in a letter to Beijing, Washington accepted no responsibility for the midair collision on April 1 that now seems certain to color Mr. Bush's next encounters with China."
missile defense
u.s. will drop objections to china's missile buildup

by David Sanger, 9/2/01
"The Bush administration, seeking to overcome Chinese opposition to its missile defense program, intends to tell leaders in Beijing that it has no objections to the country's plans to build up its small fleet of nuclear missiles, according to senior administration officials."
China, Fearing a Bolder U.S., Takes Aim on Proposed National Missile Shield

by Michael Gordon, 4/29/01
"Fearful that an antimissile defense could embolden the United States to intervene in crises on China's doorstep, Beijing is focusing on low-cost ways to thwart the plan, including ways to attack the defense system itself, China's top arms control official said."
Signs in China and Taiwan Of Making Money, Not War

by Craig S. Smith, 5/15/01
"Despite the visions of war conjured by President Bush's suggestion that the United States could help defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, the social and economic integration between the mainland and the island is stronger than ever, and growing."
U.S. Would Defend Taiwan, Bush Says

by David Sanger, 4/26/01
"President Bush, offering a more explicit commitment to Taiwan than his recent predecessors, said in a television interview broadcast today that if the island came under attack from China, he would order "whatever it took" to help Taiwan defend itself."
china buildup puts taiwan on edge

by Michael Gordon, 4/8/01
"The collision between an American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet has focused attention on China's military buildup. But none of the pilots at this air base in southern Taiwan need any reminders."
chinese president is optimistic about relations with the u.s.

by Erik Eckholm, 8/10/01
"Jiang Zemin has not yet met George W. Bush, but in their single telephone conversation last month, Mr. Jiang now says, "from his voice I could feel that he was a president I could do business with."

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