The Cheetah Orphans
Game: Toki's Survival Challenge

In order to stay alive in the Kenyan bush, Toki must be able to hunt by himself and avoid danger. Can you help him?

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  • Morgan

    This game is awesome!!! Maybe because my faverite animal is a cheetah but it upseted me when i seen the shooters!!!!

  • billll


  • baylee

    me to morgan i LOVE cheetahs i hate it that they are endangerded

  • sierra

    this game was ok but it could be better

  • Randi


  • monkeygirl

    This game should be harder and longer.

  • corn


  • blagoje

    all you people that said this game sucks you guys then have a peanut as a brain.also this game was awesome and i do wish it was longer and harder

  • GGL13

    i think the game is very fun but it breaks my heart dat they r endangered

  • less confused

    aha … finally found the game hidden in the right hand nav bar.
    a nature game on par with clubpenguin would be great.
    this is nice but won’t occupy my 8 yr old son for very long.
    perhaps nature, greenpeace etc could club together and create an awsome enviro-aware study game … where kids log in and score green points etc.

  • Jason smith

    it rocks

  • Kenny Toyota

    i swear i saw a tank in level 4

  • Jose

    The game was ok but it needs more levels!!!!!

  • butthead

    this game isnt to good

  • len bitt

    herro prease kenny sorry to rain on your parade but there is no level 4

  • AnimalLover97

    Luv cheetahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool game. Hope that we can save them. Needs more levs!!! LOL.

  • Bob Saggat

    SICKKKKKKK GAme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EPIC game and cheetahs are yummy

  • Toki lova

    Omg! that game is awesome!!!!

    “if at first you don’t suceed redefine sucess.”

  • G.

    never mind I found the game

  • Vanessa

    what……this was werid I was sick that day so i barfed on the computer and i won still

  • Michael age7

    I thought this game was awsome because I like wild cats.

  • jose

    I’m with you kenny I did see a tank on level Four

  • hugo a

    me and my boyfriend tony just love this game it is the best


    THERE IS NOOOOOOOOOOOO LEVEL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    this game sux im with corn

  • Andrea

    I thinks it alaright not really the kind of game i was looking for. :P

    Andrea Smith

  • fanstasy gir*l

    dis gme wuz ait but it wud of been easiya if ya made da food not go away so fast cause dan hw u pose to cathch it Duh!!! but I LLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV CHEETAHS DAY SO AWESOME


    dis gme wuz ait but itwud of been easiya if ya made da foot not go away so fast cos dan hw u pose to catch

  • savannah

    WHY IS THERE NO LEVEL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >.< WHY?!?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!

  • savannah

    WHY IS THERE NO LEVEL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >.< WHY?!?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!

  • hot boy

    this game is kinda fun ,maybe cause i like cheetahs to bad their almost extinct

  • serena

    i hate cheetahs and i hate this game

  • The BOMB (isabel)

    this game was brilliant#

  • maja

    i heat this game becouse it is stuped and silly
    club penguin is ten times bettre than this is rubbish

  • mum

    this is the most silly games i have ever saw and played club penguin is 1000 times better than this is rubbish

  • Super dooper!

    This is Awsome!- that’s what i can only say-Awsome!!!


    this game was fairly intereting but i think it should last longer.

  • j-dog1228

    this game really suxs it would be better if it would actuly show the cheetah eat the animal.

  • savannah phillips

    this website is so awesome!

  • dean

    i dont like this game

  • t

    i hate this game so much

  • *Kay* #10

    hey the game was ok ,but i am a girl and i think it was kinda stupid and plus i am not one of those girly girls i wrestle idc wat u think girls can wrestle.

    Ok back to the game i think it should have at least 10 or so levels cause that was not along game so ya .

  • cinnomon bun

    i love cheetas but i dont like that they have to eat other animals.

  • MMohammad Faizan

    it is a great games and i am really good at it and i won this game about 10 times

  • Qwerty

    this is very violent. im scared!!!!

  • Priyesh Patel

    I really likes this game almost as much as I like twinkies.

  • Taylor Shotts

    i haven’t played the game yet but it looks fun and who knows i may like it as much as i do m and m’s! yum! :)

  • poopdawg1178

    i luv it how the hunters are 3 times bigger than the animals

  • wooohoooo

    i kinda liked this game but the dude was way taller then the rinos how does that happen???

  • trey

    ilove it it is the best game i ever play trust me cause i am a game wiz

  • Elias Lover Boy Ligas

    i love this game. it has my two favorite animals black guys and cheetahs. i just wish there was more levels :( .. ps; Trey im the really game wiz

  • trey

    i have somthing to say that has been on my mind for quite some time now. ok here goes……

    I am a boy and i like boys. that feels so good to finally let someone know about this. thank you toki lovers

  • MMohammad Faizan

    I take fat poops

  • logan

    i made it to level three

  • kali

    i love cheetahs but the game was broring

  • austin

    whats up logan and ty

  • timmy

    that game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bndskubir

    nm austin

  • logan

    nm austin

  • megan

    Peaple who are reading this go to commet number 57 and read it it’s so funny! LOL! Love the game so cool! You people should go to myMSN you would love it it is so fun!

  • Erin

    This game is cool, but I think it could be harder and more chalenging because if you are going to have a fun game, it might as well be longer than 3 levels.

  • Twi

    umm…i love cheetahs…umm…but THERE’S a lvl 4 for those who catches all the impalas…but it must have better details, aaand…umm…much more lvls and speed for that SLOW cheetah:P… XoXo

  • hanna

    i think this is so hard!!!!!!! why can’t we have it easier by not adding in a timer or rhinos or hunters or lions! those just kill cheetahs, aren’t you for saving them???????????

  • shey

    i ate a lion!!!!! chew oon that!♥

  • Amanda

    It’s ok… only played it cause my science teacher said we have to..

  • Jacey

    I like it but i don’t like that the… I LIKE CLUB PENGUN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emily

    i would cry for a week straight if cheetahs went exctinct. so people like their pelts and all well thats nice but is it really necasary to kill them? the obsesion is stupid, poachers are stupid and their endangerment is stupid. cheetahs being endangered is one of the reasons that i want to be a zoologist.i am even writing a fictional book about cheetahs called Chessa it is cool. oh,and btw,i know this is random but i am also writing another book called is also awsome.Oh! the game is awsome i play it a lot.

  • abir

    i love this game i won it but its sad to see people killing them because there my 2 favorite animal.

  • Maxi

    Toki and Sambu and cheetahs are so cute!!! but i also feel bad for the cheetas prey. BUT I LOVE CHEETAHS!

  • abi girl

    this game should have more levels.

  • christen arriola

    i love cheetahs because they r so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexus

    I LOVE THIS GAME. It’s my faverate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie


  • she

    I WONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheston

    awesome game!!!!!!!!

  • Shelby

    coooooooollllll games

  • Deinna

    This is the most awsome game ever!

  • Louis Rych

    Don’t like that chetahs eat other animals? What a stupid statement is that? What do you want them to eat? Fruit loops with bananas?. ..geez

  • Benoît

    seriously folks, how old are you to think this is an awsome game. It’s as basic as can be. Please.

  • brian

    I like the turtle game better! This games kind of boring! I’m gonna play the tyurtle game again! If I can find it! I’m watching Desert Lions right now, so Im gonna have to multitask!

  • brian

    What! Game over? Dude!

  • brian

    Dude! It wont let you bite the poacher!

  • horselvr

    I wish you could bite the head of the poacher! Give him a taste of his money!

  • brian

    I know dude!

  • max

    I just WON THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!How many of you have won anyway?

  • max

    What!Game over?Dude

  • max

    Dude! It wont let you bite the poacher!

  • batman449

    my favoirit animale is a killer whale and i hate cheetah

  • brian

    Dude! This game has some amazing grafics! The animals and poachers are extremly detailed! If I didnt know I was playing a game, I would think these were real animals!

  • brian

    Dude! Doesnt he die in the movie?

  • megan

    It’s so sad the cheetah is endangered. Who is with me? This game should be longer but it’s a pretty good game. There should be a older kid version too, that would rock. They should make more games like this.

  • Megan

    this game is bad… i mean i feel bad for da cheeta’s cuz i lov em <3… but this game is horrlble an borin!


    This game not as bad as some of the others but still could be better. The graphics are really bad. That is sad that the cheetah is endangered.

    Brian-Those animal graphic look really bad.Go find some real ones and compare.

  • molly

    this game is soo fun…. hahha it is fun! and hard real hard well kind of heheh i amm at school playing in case you want to come and kill me cheates. heheh:) ILOVEYOU<3 WELL BYE NOW

  • ssssaaaarrraaaaaaaahhhh

    this game is fun and ammmuuusingggggggg though i dislike the lions and rhinos:(

  • sssaaarrrraaahhh

    thiis iss ssoo ffuunn and addicting hahaaha a fun way to lleearrrn!!

  • sara

    this is so cool. i guess that kids really can learn in a fun way=]

  • Maddy

    This is a fun game. And I totally love it because it’s not all gross and graphic

  • antonio jose

    me a gustado mucho aparte qe mi animal preferido es el guepardo.A mi me gustaria qe agais otro juego mejor y mas largo y mas real.


    I think this game is awesome. I can beat this game so easily wihtout dying. This game would be awesome as a multiplayer games when you work your way up from the antelopes. When you get away from 20 cheetahs you get to be a lion, rhinos or Hunter, And then you get to catch other peoples antelopes as a cheetah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow. This game is way to easy though it is the best game on Nature PBS. I kind of like the turtle game but this is a little better.

  • Daniel

    WOW. I think any animal lover will like this game. If you like this game to should watch the cheetah videos on PBS too! I think they were pretty cool.

  • AL

    I like the game but it’s just not sientificly corret.

  • AL

    Anyone herd of the king cheetah? They have stripes on their backs!

  • AL

    This game should be multiplayer. Now who’s with me!

  • anonymous

    Kenny Toyota, there is no level four

  • AL

    Yes but sometimes you can’t tell when you go to the next level.

  • Daniel

    multiplayer game would be cool.

  • Abraham Anitor

    This game is very intresting

  • cheetahgirl

    i love the game and play it everyday because cheetahs are my heart. i love them toooooo much!

  • jeannette the cheetah

    i know every thing about cheetahs and king cheetahs but the cheetah that used to be as big as a lion died out when the sabertooth cats died out

  • AL

    I had to kill 15 gaziels/impalas!

  • AL

    I thought I was on level two but I was on 3!

  • le

    what jerk trys to hunt cheetas there beutifle creatures and wonders of nature I know this sounds dorky but its horrible to poach animals i heart animals

  • jeremy kimble

    hi my name is jeremy kimble and i love my self i love cheetahs inside of me there tasty and fun to play with love jeremy melester kimble

  • steve swain

    ^ win

  • timmy miller

    love cheetahs all the time i also love jeremy kimble

  • AL

    Cheetahs are very interesting animals and thay can survive on grasslands, unfortunitly, other animals, such as Lemurs, are getting there home cut down and are dying rapidly. Poor Lemurs.

  • Red Hood

    I luv cheetahs so much but they do have to put longer levels ya no wat I meanbut the game is always fun to play

  • Olivia


  • AL

    I agree.

  • LE


  • LE

    If any one is readding this right now reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    I like this game but it needs too be more CHALLENGING!!!!

  • cheetah7117

    This game is so cool I am cheetah mad but i thought the game could have more levels and be more challenging!

  • Amalia B

    *Morgan and Baylee I also LOVE Cheetahs. This game was so fun and the game helped understand the struggle this amazing animals face. I do believe this game should have more intense levels and should be more challanging!(FYI)*

  • Stanicus

    LOL cheetahs do not know grammer !!!! ;D

  • juicy2cute

    this game waz ok but i think they should show close up graphics mor realistic i might luv all kinds of animals but this u jus ned a lil mor things and it’ll be ok i gues then

  • Manfred Williston

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  • Animal spy


  • gabby

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool toki is a cheetah/////

  • gabby

    serena is a bad poeple she do not likes cheetah the cheetah is cool

  • Leia Millie

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  • Chris

    I agree, it needs some editing, but CREATING a game is not exactly a piece of cake! AND CLUB PENGUIN IS WAY MORE CHEESY AND THEY WANT YOU TO PAY!!!

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