The Cheetah Orphans
Toki Update: Fall 2009


The latest information we have on Toki comes from the Web site of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, dated November 24, 2008.

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy would like to announce to Toki fans, that their favourite “celebrity” cheetah is doing well in his secure, 1,700 acre haven within the conservancy.

Predator expert, Stephen Saipan, regularly monitors Toki and reports that he continues to live a natural & peaceful life, hunting impala’s and Thompson’s gazelles, skillfully fending for himself. The only set back for Toki in the past couple of years was a minor operation on his ear, to remove a small swelling that appeared on its tip. The swelling was examined and tested and returned no threatening results. Toki has since fully recovered from the operation.

Efforts to find him a mate are still underway, with future plans of establishing a cheetah breeding programme on the conservancy.

We will continue to update our site with further information about Toki as it becomes available.

  • Greta

    Best of Luck To Toki in finding a mate and to a long wonderful like

  • Samantha

    I watched the episode of “Nature” today with the cubs. This was a heart warming tale of two brother cheetahs. Hopefully Toki will find a mate within the next update.

  • Heather Harbison

    What a wonderful and endearing adventure we had watching Toki and his brother raised by Mr. King to enable the cute cheetahs to live in the wild this evening on PBS!! I’m happy to hear that Toki continues to do well! Thanks for the updates.

  • Philip

    Happy to hear Toki is doing great, hope he gets a mate soon.

  • Carol

    Another wonderful PBS Nature show-It is heartwarming to know and see how wild animals are being given every chance to survive in our ever shrinking world. Bravo on a job well done!

  • jeanmarie

    thanks for the update on toki- i’ve oftne wonderred how he was faring-another great show fron nature!

  • Rose

    Thank you for the Toki update. I hope you will keep them coming–those of us who love nature–and ‘Nature’–will not soon forget him!

  • Charlie

    Thanks for the update on Toki, keep up the good work people, keep Toki safe.Best wishes .

  • Angel

    mr. king you are an inspiration. your work with toki is absolutly beautiful. the warmth and love in your heart is profound and hard to come by. I hope toki will find a lover and experience everything life has to offer. I also hope you and your friend who was bit are doing well. best wishes from Canada. and please never stop.

  • Tristan

    A great PBS Nature show. Truly amazing way of producing documentary about an animal lover and an orphan cheetah. Heartwarming indeed!

  • miriam

    Wonderful documentary. I’m ecstatic about Simon’s dedication to Toki’s wellbeing. Sambu also should still be with us. He will not be forgotten. Please continue to post updates on Toki PBS. Thank you!!

  • Melanie

    Mr. King is absolutley an amazing human being (And Steven) to take these two cubs in and care for them….It truly touched my heart when I watched this story today. I was sad to hear about Toki’s brother, and the female that was found on the reserve who dies from Rabies. Good for you Mr. King, and Toki – all the best luck in finding a mate! Your a great inspiration!!!

  • Archimedes Plutonium

    Great program; enjoyed every second of it. Good endings in animal stories are getting harder to come by. This is one of Nature’s best stories. Brilliant idea to make the reserve a cheetah breeding sanctuary. If I remember correctly it was said that cheetah’s are now down to only 13,000 in the wild. So if the story of Sambu and Toki ends up in a cheetah breeding sanctuary, the story ends up even far better. Thanks again for the delightful story. Cheetah’s were always one of my favorite animals. AP

  • sally sanders

    I would like to know how Toki is doing in November 2009. Is he still on the reserve…has he found a mate?

  • AWahls

    We love you Toki! Glad to hear you’re doing well. Hope you find a mate soon.

  • Jane Spangler

    Wow. I’ve seldom been as engrossed in a TV show as I was in this one. I was tired afterward, as if I had been taking care of cheetahs myself! I was so surprised that the adult Toki was unaggressive to his human companions. To think that one could be so close to one of the big cats. Such a privilege! Thank you PBS & Simon King!

  • Jamie S

    A million kudos to Mr King, Stephen and their team for being so brave to take on such a tremendous responsibility and to exercise such amazing courage. Hearts in Las Vegas are full tonight. We wish for Toki to find his mate and to bare cubs that will carry on their legacy. Bravo!!!

  • Donna Rothfeder

    Do you have an update as of Nov 2009? I’m sure many of us would imensely appreciate the latest news!!

  • Paulette H

    So wonderful to see two legged folks trying to give a four legged animal a chance at a good life. Thank you Stephen and Mr. King. Your dedication is amazing. Keep up your amazing work for us humans and for Toki and his kind!

  • E Lee

    Wonderful program which I remember seeing quite a while ago. It would be great if an update on his where abouts and health could be posted. Great work and dedication on the part of Stephen and Mr. King. Looking forward to more episodes on Big Cats Diary.

  • Mb

    Yes, another great show by PBS-everyone should support them financially so we continue to get decent TV to watch! I, like everyone else, would love to get a 2009 update on Toki’s life.
    Please continue with the good programming.

  • Bajagirl

    What a great program, and what a wonderful thing you’ve done with this beautiful animal. The bond between you all and the cheetah is extraordinary, and I thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Robin Britt

    What a wonderful story on PBS tonight…I am also wondering how he is a year on now…hope you can update us. Where is Mr. King? His bond with this magnificent animal was extraordinary…and lovely to witness. Yay for PBS!

  • Mel

    Thank-you for the update on Toki. My family & I enjoyed watching tonight’s Nature program on the cheetah brothers. Keep up the fine work!

  • darlene

    my heart goes out to toki he needs to have a friend. i am also jealous that mr king has the opportunity to get that close to one very magnifacint animal. he is just beautiful

  • Nanette

    One of the most touching “Nature” programs I have ever watched!… The Cheetah has been a long favorite of the big cats… I just noticed that the Cheetah photo I downloaded onto my desktop months ago is “Toki”… Witnessing Simon’s anxiety when he found Toki outside of the reserve brought tears to my eyes… Simon, Stephan, and staff are an example of God at his best!!!…Bless them all

  • Sharon Neupauer

    Loved your show and absolutely love Toki. He’s beautiful! Good luck finding him a mate.

  • John C.

    Such good PR for a threatened, magnificent, animal. Having followed them in Africa on a number of visits, publicizing their plight is very good for the breed.

  • Amy

    I enjoyed watching the show last night! I too wish for all good luck in finding a mate and a wonderful life on teh preserve! what a smart animal and an even kinder man for taking these wild cats in under his wing!!!!

  • Pat

    We enjoyed this program and without a doubt it was very moving.I wish that there was a more recent update on Toki and his life.To all the wonderful people who take care of these and other animals thank you for your dedication.

  • Tamera

    I cried along with Mr. King when he found Sambu. The cubs were so cute and so beautiful as “grown-ups”. Also cried over the female with rabies. How sad. Thank you for such a beautiful story.

  • Cathy and Matthew

    Thank-you for your story. We will looking forward to future updates on Toki. Thank-you to all of your efforts. Beatutiful.

  • Nikki

    I am glad Toki is doing very well in his new home. I and my brother really enjoyed watching the program yesterday with our Dad & Mom.

  • Avinash

    I am glad Toki is doing very well in his new home. I and my sister really enjoyed watching the program yesterday with our Dad & Mom.

  • Nicole Jakobs

    Very much enjoyed the documentary on the Cheetah, very touching. Would like to keep in touch as to how Toki is doing

  • bree

    please keep the updates coming the story of Toki tore my heart out & gave me hopes for the future of this wonderful animal. hope simon stays in touch with him

  • Susie

    The show was wonderful. Your update is one year old tomorrow. Please send new updates so we can learn how Toki is doing at the conservancy. Thank you.

  • Cheryl

    Thanks, I found the update. Great to see all is well.

  • Angela

    Thank you Mr. King and all others involed in making this touching documentary. We love Toki <3 And we look forward to more updates. Toki touched us as well as Mr. Kings devotion to this beautiful creature. Reno, NV

  • purrz

    i am a huge fan of big cat diaries that can be seen on animal planet and of simon. congrads on successfully raising toki and keeping him safe and alive. i look foward to more updates.

  • Jackie Youngs

    This story made my day! Such beautiful animals and so wonderful to know that animal-human bonds like this can exist in the wild. Thank you, Mr. King, for sharing and letting us know about Toki and Sambu, and for being such an exemplary caretaker. Will pray for your continued good work and Toki’s well-being.

  • Marcia

    Thank you for the wonderful documentary about the Cheetah orphans. I was so happy to log on today for an update on Toki only to discover that the show was recorded in 2007! Very pleased to know he is alive and doing well in the conservancy. It would be a shame if he were unable to pass along his genetic code for the enhancement of the breed: hopefully a mate will be found. Such an incredibly beautiful animal!

  • Shawn

    Wow!!!!!!!i am really surprised that tokiis doing well.i am sad to hear that he didnt find a mate and didnt have cubs but hopefully a female would come along(without rabies)and share love and passion with him :)

  • Josh

    I feel good for Toki. I just wish I could feel the same for Sambu.

  • Sleepswith2cats

    Just my kind of love story !!!!

  • sonu

    Best of luck to toki. I hope toki will soon be on his own. Mr king you have done a great job. May God bless you.

  • monica vajda

    oh my god i am such a big fan of toki and his poor brother(god rest his kind soul)also of the whole team who is so greatly taking care of him,please send me e-mail updates if possible,if not i will always check on him,please mr.king give him a hug and kiss for me.

  • Danielle

    Deeply moved- happy for Toki, sad for Sambu, and wondering if there is a way to buy the DVD or at least to see it again.

  • Jorge

    This is an excellent documentary about a cool animal! Good Luck Simon and Toki!

  • Joseph Alexander

    God Bless Mr King and all others involved in this heart warming documentary. This person (me) who does not show his feelings became very misty following this story. Please keep us updated and a very long and happy life to Toki.

  • Bill

    Thank you, Stephen. Thank you, Mr. King. Thank you, PBS. And thank you, Toki, for making this show one of the most moving television documentaries I have ever watched.

  • Nancy Anderson

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story of Toki and cried for Sambu. Since I cannot cuddle him to me could you please do it for me. He is my hero and great inspiration as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis but never meet the challenges Toki has faced in the wild. Mr. King is a rare human and I wish I could shake his hand someday for giving us such a lovely story. Interesting that he mentioned it was his first ever bonding experience with any animal. I have always had a dog of some sort and the unconditional love and joy can’t be ignored. Thank you for all who brought us this story and I will be following Toki with interest…HOPE he gets the girl!!

  • Chris K.

    Congratulations to the team that helped Sambu and is still helping Toki. Your stories are what tomorrow’s generation needs to learn about. All of you embody what it is to be a hero.

  • anthony

    I watched the program last night and i enjoyed the show.I watched it with my dad and my two cats and i am going to continue following Toki life and i hope he finds a mate.

  • msIsley

    I love Toki and I’m glad to hear he is doing well. I first saw him today and cried when he brother Shambu was killed. I will continue to look for updates on Toki. He’s such an beautiful animal. Special thanks to the one’s who took care of him.

  • Teresa

    I absolutely loved watching this and will be looking for more updates. I am a fan of Toki and Mr. King. The story touched my heart. Thanks so much for sharing this and best of luck to everyone looking out for Toki. He’s a very rare animal that has touched our hearts.

  • Barb

    I loved the show about Toki and Sumba. Thank you! St Louis

  • Herman

    a very heartwarming story. Mr King you are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work and find Toki a mate. He deserves not to be alone. I look forward to future updates.

  • Melanie and Jon

    We love you Toki! We hope you find a mate soon :)

  • Dorothy

    The Cheeta Orphans was a wonderful PBS program. Mr.King’s story will encourage many people to donate to the conservancy operations. We prayer for the Cheetas survival. Thank you for your brillant efforts.

  • Alice

    I look forward to Nature every Sunday – its such a great show and the story of the Cheetah cubs is one of the best. Simon is a great story teller, and also excellent on Big Cat Diaries -another fabulous show. I hope to hear the progress of Toki soon.

  • Susan

    Thanks, Mr. King and PBS for yet another wonderful Nature program. I was so relieved when Toki was found safe and sound at the end of the program. I cried a few tears of relief along with Mr.King. I hope Toki will continue to thrive in the preserve and that one day he will start a family with a worthy mate and live as “happily ever after” as any cheetah ever has. :)

  • Janis

    Human and animal bonds are so very strong and enduring. Simon is very courageous to give his all to Toki knowing what dangers are always present. I wish I were young enough to pursue a career in wildlife biology. I’d be right there with Simon and his crew! Kudos to Simon’s dedication to Toki and a long and happy life for all!

  • Linda

    What a wonderful program! Hats off to PBS, Nature , Simon and his crew and, most especially, Sambu and Toki.

  • Patrick

    I was blown away by the program about Orphan Chetahs. And I cried when Sambu was found dead. That said, I am afraid that the wild means the wild. If an outcome like “Born Free” can not be had, my wife and I would be happy to have Toki in our home as a (sadly) domesticated pet.

  • Elaine

    Thank you Simon King and your crew for the wonderful story about Toki and his brother. I was very sad about Sambu, but in the wild as in life, there will be heartbreaks. I am so glad that Toki made it to adult hood. I will be keeping an interest in hearing about how well Toki is doing and hopefully he will find a mate soon

  • Kiril

    Its was amazing to see how Toki still remembers that Simon was his caretaker. Simon was the mother figure for the cheetahs when they were young and the Toki still seems to value that. Its amazing becasue of the fact that it is a wild animal doing this. Best of luck to Toki and the many more cheetahs that are being raised from young.

  • Sara

    It’s wonderful that Toki is still doing well. Best of luck finding him a suitable mate – I’m sure that would make him happy.

  • Martin

    Wow what a story something I will never forget. Best luck to Toki and hope he finds a mate one day.

  • Rafael

    This update is from last year but, i am intrigue about this year. please, i would like to know if Toki is alright.

  • Ron

    I very much hope Toki finds a mate and that he lives a long and safe life.

  • Miguel

    I would also like to learn what is going on with toki! Is there a number we can call or email we can send out our plea for an update? It was cool when he found toki all those miles away just hanging out in the bush and how he purred as Stephen petted him – AWESOME!

  • nina

    dear toki
    my heart aches for lost your family and suffered so much. i wish i could do some thing to ease your pain.since that is not possible i pray that you have a mate and have your own family.take care. i will keep checking on you. bye. by the way thanks to simon king.

  • Trisha London

    Dear Simon, Sharing what you’ve done for Toki and Sambu is among the most outstanding standards we humans can exemplify for the world. The heart and soul you put into giving these magnificent creatures a chance at a real life in the wild, is exactly what people in today’s ravished world need to see much much more of. Forever grateful for you and for what you’ve done-

  • Richard

    Thank you, Simon, for letting us share so much of the splendid world that lies elsewhere, that world wherein the sublime technolgoy of nature created such works as Sambu and Toki. If we don’t venerate and indeed teach our children to venerate and preserve that world, it could vanish within a lifetime. If we allow or more accurately cause that to happen, then shame on us. The price we will pay for our Narcissism will be unimaginable. God bless and watch over Simon and others such as he who care so deeply for “all creatures great and small”. Toki, there are many on your side. There’s a mate out there for you and Simon will help you find her.

  • Michelle Miller

    My son and I just watched this wonderful show and were deeply saddened by the death of Sambu. We are so happy that Toki is still thriving and hope for the best for him in the future.

  • Caitlin

    I just watched the show, I love it!
    I am so glad yo know that he is doing well & was saddened when his brother died. I think what you are doing, is a great thing. Keep up the good work. & May Toki continue to thrive.

  • chris mark

    No update since 2008? Please advise if efforts to find a mate were ever successful!

  • Nick Wilson

    Toki you will be the best cheetah ever!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you have a happy life on earth!!!!!!!!!11

  • ty

    I love toki and i wish Sambu didn’t die when i watched the cheetah orphans i started crying so hard i am soo happy that toki is so alive i hope he lives a happy life

  • Luisa

    I really wish the best for toki with all my heart and i hope he finds a mate soon so he can be happy, i really want the best for toki and pray for his safety. Love You Toki :) kisses

  • Andre

    I bonded with Toki through the television screen. What a wonderful story. Please keep the updates coming. I hope Toki finds a mate soon to help complete his life.

  • Dave

    You rock Toki, what a heart warming story.

  • Ali khan

    no update since 2008…hope toki is doing great…..

  • John Mendez

    After having finished a very nice Thanksgiving meal with MY children & Grand-children. I watched the PBS episode where Mr. King tried to set Toki “free”. But,reluctantly had to bring him back after he wandered into “Man’ Land”. It was a very emotional & heartwarming episode. I applaud Mr. King’s & the LEWA & WWF in their unending work to save & protect the wildlife of the World. I pray that your efforts will be fullfilled and these beautiful creatures will be HERE, after mine & your bones have returned to dust… God Bless & Keep You and the Animals safe…

  • Mia D

    We loved this heartwarming tale of two Cheetah brothers and gives one a tremendous sense of appreciation of what it takes to survive in the wild. Documentaries like these help my (almost) 6yr old get over her fear of wild animals and develop a healthy respect for nature.

  • Sandra

    I loved this research. It must be awesome following this magnificent animal from cub to adult. Please, find Toki a mate, so he can experience the best of life, having a mate and cubs. Continue to keep him free, but safe. God Bless Toki and your work!

  • Paul B

    Toki, we love you! We won’t pressure you about the mate, of course we know love is something that cannot be rushed. Just make sure that you and she have shared values. We can’t wait for the arrival of Sambu Jr! (Thank you Simon.)

  • Michael & Barbara Sato

    We just finished watching the “special” on PBS on the brothers and the surviving Toki. We were moved by the care and involvment you demonstrated. We belong to the Cheetah Foundation already and wonder if that organzation assists your grand efforts? Thanks from all of us who love the Cheetah and your conservation efforts!

  • Luke and Ashlyn (ages 7 & 6)

    Toki, we love you! We hope we can see you someday. We hope you stay healthy and thrive and turn out to be a wonderful father for your babies!

  • Kim

    I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this episode of Nature with Toki, it’s probably one of my all time favorites. I’m one of his biggest fans and I’m so happy to hear that he’s doing well as of Fall 2009. I’ll be even happier when I hear that he’s found a mate. I say that 2010 will be a good year for him and that he’ll have a bunch of Toki babies! Thank you Toki, Simon, and Stephen.

  • lindsey

    lindsey age 8

    I really love watching Toki on nature it always makes me want to watch it again. I’m really looking forward to his future and good luck with finding him a mate, maybe I can see him one day.How old is toki?

  • lindsey

    Hi Simin hi Stephen how is Toki doing has he cought a meal yet? I love cheetahs and ever since I watched Toki I wanted to donate money to cheetahs.Thank you Toki

  • given

    hey maybe u can make an episode 2 for toki

  • Rebecca

    They should set up a Toki mate finding fund. I know I’d donate. :) I went to a donation site for him, but it had already expired. I just saw the Nature special for the first time a few weeks ago. Its hard not to care about him. What an amazing story.

  • Cynthia

    OMG, I love this story & the morning Mr. King took a while to get a signal from Toki my whole body was tight with fear due to what happen to his brother. I’m so happy he is wild, free, & loved by so many including myself. Thanks so very much for the update on Toki. I hope he gets a mate & they stay in the safe area.

  • JC

    I love animals and I plan to work with them when I grow older and I was very touched by this story I am one of those people who will try to save a bird that has been caught by a cat I also live in the house that every stray animal goes to sooo yeah Thanks NPT Nature for showing me this amazing story and making me even more positive that I want to work with animals for the rest of my life.

  • Sam L.

    I love the story of Toki and Sambu. Simon and his crew deserve a ton of admiration for their love and kindness to the wildlife. Good Luck Toki getting a mate we want more Tokis and sambus to always be protected to keep cheetahs around forever. Sam

  • Daniella Karo.

    Awesome story, inspiring perseverance..Keep them coming. Dk

  • lindsey

    Toki and Siomn just to let you know I watched The Cheetah Orphans again and Toki you were fantastic.Siomn I know I can count on you to find a mate for Toki anything is worth waiting for.

  • OldUncleDave

    Here is the latest on Toki from Nov 30, 2009

  • William

    Normally, I glance at the television, then slink away, looking for a warm spot, or checking the food bowl. As a 14-yr-old rescued silver tabby, I was impressed that there are other humans caring for my (much) larger brothers. Oh, yeah, my caretaker, Don was a pushover after watching this wonderful special.

  • Lingli

    Love Toki!Be strong, healthy and safe

  • Adele

    I am very happy to know that Toki is safe and well.I can’t wait to see when he gets a girlfriend!
    Congradulations to Mr Simon and his helpers who work so hard to give to these animals the life they deserve.

  • Chauuna

    Toki is an inspirational story of our human purpose, Handed to us from the beginning of time. Props to all who was involved!!!



  • Donna Morrow

    What a wonderful story. My good wishes for Toki and for all the wonderful people who are looking after him. My hope is for a long and happy life for this magnificant animal, and for all the people who are involved.

  • Blondy Garrido

    When I first Saw the Orphaned Cheeahs, I was amazed at there friendship with humans. On Guam there is only one Cat (Sadie) who now lives in a zoo because of the growth and strength she posseses. She is a Black and Beautiful and unlike Toki she seems to have lost her human friendship maybe due to cage life. But i must say that she was hand fed and around humans for a long time and is literally a beautiful cat.

  • brandon

    i just hope they make another episode about toki i wish he is still doing ok and i am happy that he is still i feel so sorry about sambu

  • lorraine

    What is the latest on Toki? Has he found a mate. This was one of the best heartwarming shows I have seen in along time. Mr King keep up the good work.

  • Lennon Montano

    Thanks for the information! I hope Toki gets a good mate!

  • TM.

    go, toki! we love you, orphan cheetah— you’re spot on!

  • M.L.

    After watching this documentary I will continue to keep up with Toki, and I hope he lives a long and wonderful life, and hopefully, in the company of a female. Rest in Peace, Sambu

  • Jon J

    Just caught this Nature episode today. I hope the cheetah breeding programme is a success. Find Toki a mate!

    Plz keep us updated!

  • iain

    Just saw the show on border PBS station.
    Makes me want to go back to Africa.

  • Carol

    Like others, I’m hoping for an update! What a great program!

  • Brooke Mengel

    I just saw the nature program on Toki. I hope things are going well and that their is a breeding program so Toki can find a mate.

  • carl s

    Just watched episode (6-27-2010) & hoping Toki is all right & has found a mate. Please let us know.

  • Brooke Mengel

    I just saw the nature program on Toki. I hope things are going well and that their is a breeding program so Toki can find a mate. Keep me posted.

  • Kris

    What a great endeavor. Hoping Toki is still doing well. Look forward to an update.

  • Candy

    Please, Please, Please, send an update as of the June 27, 2010 re-airing of that magnificent Toki!

  • Christy Caridi

    Does anyone know how Toki is doing now?

  • Carol

    wonderul to know that Toki is still doing well. But cudos to his handlers who have taken such good care of him.. Curious, though, did Simon ever think of placing Toki in a safe zoo…so that all of us can see Toki and know that he is safe. However, these beautiful animals do have the right to stay in their natual habitat., . Please keep us updated on Toki. Such a beautiful animal.

  • Ted Potter

    What a magnificent story. I hope it never ends and the legacy is carried on. I have always loved cats, big and small, but Toki and Sambu are special.

  • Sylvia Stein

    This is the second time I have watched this wonderful story of Simon King and Toki the cheetah. I watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet so am well aware of Simon’s beautiful photography and love of big cats. Perhaps the reason his work is so loved is because he forms such a close attachment to the cats and cares so deeply about their well being. It is great to see him worry as a mother would over her child, and rejoice when things go well for the animals. please keep us updated when Toki finds a mate and begins his own family.

  • Rick

    What a beautiful creature! Simon, you’re envied for being able to be with such magnificent animals. God bless you all.

  • Wynne

    June 27, 2010
    Looking forward to a current update on TOKI.

  • Janet

    I too just watched Toki’s story June 27, 2010, and had to check on an update. Eager to hear how he’s doing, great story!! Hope the people who were exposed to the rabies from the other cheetah are doing well also!

  • bill

    Great show on Nature (PBS) about the cheetas. WE need an update about Toki!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    would love to hear any recent news about Toki. 6/27/2010

  • mo Huysman

    Wonderful show. Great commitment to a cause. Mr King Looks familiar. Nature documentary in his younger days in England (Bristol)? May be wrong. Thank you for passing this amazing experience along.

  • Alex Fanning

    Wow. I just watched the episode, and I don’t think iv’e ever been so enthusiastic about any episode before. There is something about this story that is really heartwarming. I really hope Toki does well and finds a mate. And congratulations to Mr.Simon King for doing this and sticking with it. Hopefully this story can be repeated 100 fold.

  • Gregory

    I’m praying for you Toki.

  • Shaun

    WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY!! See the latest updates on Toki at Simon Kings Diary website dated March 2010….

    “Our hosts in Ol Pejeta were Alex and Diana Hunter at their bush camp. Simple and very hospitable, with Alex taking us on drives around the reserve, which, since the year I spent there settling Toki into his new home has seen some marvellous developments. Richard Vigne, the Chief Executive Officer of the conservancy gave us an enlightening presentation (despite nursing a horrendous cold) which told of the marriage of livestock management and wildlife conservation on the Conservancy. Herds of cattle are raised commercially, alongside the white and black rhino, elephant, lion leopard and cheetah. Indeed, the grazing activity of the cattle together with the effect of the carefully rotated night corralling of the herds, significantly improves the pasture to the benefit of all the herbivores, whether domestic or wild. The result was a noticeably healthy population of zebra, (common and the endangered Grevy’s) gazelles and other grazers.

    We stayed just two nights but I simply could not leave without news of Toki the cheetah. We visited the huge predator proof section of the reserve where he has been living, with the hope of setting eyes on him from the vehicle. I had been told that he had not been seen recently and was very keen to ensure he was well. I had also been informed that the very development in his behaviour which we’d all been hoping for had at last kicked in. He was, according to reports from Stephen Yasoi, the ranger who helped us raise him from a cub, and who still works on Ol Pejeta, now afraid of people. This news was music to my ears. Though we always hoped he would eventually shun contact with humans, we felt that having been hand reared by us, he might always feel comfortable around them. A strict policy of zero intentional contact had been in place for well over a year, and it had paid off. The last time Stephen had seen him, Toki was over 150 metres away, and had run in the opposite direction when he’d spotted Stephen. That, however, was over two months ago!

    I entered the boma (fenced area) and was shown his footprints in soil near the perimeter by the chap who monitored the fence on a daily basis. The trouble was, what I saw were the footprints of a large male leopard, not a cheetah! So much for the predator proof bit!! I was immediately deeply concerned for Toki’s safety, knowing that leopards can kill cheetahs. Batian mobilised the security team who made a systematic sweep of the whole 4,000 acres of the Boma. After two days he was seen, running away from them, alive, well, and fat from having eaten his most recent kill of a zebra. I was sorry not to have set eyes on him personally, but deeply gratified to learn that he was in good condition and living as a wild cheetah should. We do have ideas for his continued development and opportunities for the future which I am discussing with all of those who are, and have been, instrumental in his welfare.”

  • Janet

    There is a brief update here:
    in the February/March 2010 entry on Simon King’s blog.

  • Dee Peard

    What a lovely program. My husband and I were totally absorbed by it. I shed tears over the
    death of Sambi. Wish the best for Taki finding a mate. Hope to see more like this on PBS.

  • Bob Lawrence

    I love the Nature programs on PBS, especially those that show how hard life is for wild animals both predator and prey. My heart went out to Sambi,Toki, and Simon over Sambi’s untimely demise. Keep up the good work Simon. I will ensure my twin grandsons get to watch this when they are older and encourage some sort of conservation effort on their part.

    Cheers & God Bless .,. Bob

  • david neffew

    Hope that Toki is still doing well. What a fantastic episode of Nature. Hopefully we can get a more recent update. Let’s keep the wild, wild. Right on guys.

  • Maria Gina

    This beautiful and touching story of Toki and Samba is a treasure. I wept! Thank you for making this reality for the world to see and, we hope, understand the importance of keeping the wild wild. And how is Toki today? He deserves one heck of a good woman! Blessing and love to you.

  • Michael

    There is a positive update dated November 30 2009 to be found on the Ol Pejeta website,

  • ladymermaid

    I didn’t know it was a repeat here in Los Angeles PBS station- but saw it today. I would like a more recent update of Toki. I think it was the right thing to do – to bring Toki back to the reserve area. Once Simon took on the responsibility of socializing the animals with humans- then the human is responsible for the cheetahs. Also, humans have taken away all wild animals natural habitat, destroy, murder, and slaughter animals on a minute by minute basis- so WE ARE RESPONSIBLE to take care of these animals. They no longer are “nature” and when we witness an animal in trouble we MUST assist and aid them because it is OUR responsibility as humans because we have taken “nature” out of their environment by destroying their food chain, adding so many toxins into the air, sea, and land– so we must be stewards and guardians from this point on- we MUST interrupt “nature” to save/preserve these animals just as we interrupted nature when we raped, pillaged and destroyed the natural environemnt. I trust Toki has a mate by now- PLEASE update for June 2010. And produce similar stories of how a human has intervened with the guardianship of other wild animals.

  • Jonathan

    Having grown up in South Africa near the Kruger National Park, and having spent some time in Namibia near the Cheetah Conservancy near Grootfontein, and being a wildlife fanatic, I just viewed the episode about Toki being returned to the relative safety of the Rhino encampment. Please let us know how Toki is fearing. What a marvelous program you are involved with,always loved the PBS nature programs. Looking forward to an update..

    Best regards,

  • Brian

    I think on the program when Toki was found 12 miles north of the reserve he ran into trouble that night and ran quite a ways out of the open reserve chased, scared, and lost. When his friend came to find him his warm grateful response was so like a Cat that felt it would never be reunited again with his “mother”. He realized the full impact of life and vulnerability that night. Its just too dangerous for him out in the open and life is so short and crewal for so many Cats in the wild. I think he can adapt to a half way medium in ther reserve. I find mammals pretty much have all the same emotions. iIs just that humans with the power of speech because of the opposable thumb that they can express them in finer detail.

  • Cecy Janeliunas

    Mr King
    If more people were like you are …. world have not problems . You are an amazing person . Congratulations for all your work !! for you and your team . Hope our toki is going well , sorry about his brother …. you did your best . I will love to know how i can help toki .. all cheetas .

  • USAZgal

    My heart sang and my heart cried watching the lives of Toki and Sambu unfold.My prayers are with Toki.Such a beautiful and magnificent animal who more then deserves humanities every offer of help.

  • Catherine

    Am sitting at home watching Toki (Nature-rerun of Cheetah Brothers) and it touches me just as much as when I first watched it-and will watch this episode when ever possible. I again cried at the loss of Sambu and when Toki was so badly injured-but what a joy watching him be moved and grow older. I hope and pray that one day Toki finds a lady cheetah and we get the privilege of watching Little Tokis grow up-and continue on his blood line. When Simon King cried, I also cried, when I watched the Lewa Ranger Steven stay with Toki to watch over him, I had a lump in my throat and was so proud to see the level of compassion. Simon King brings us amazing wildlife images from all over the world- and it was a privilege to be able to see Toki grow up. I look forward to future Toki updates

  • kinscore1

    I was so glad to see the 2010 update above from Mr. King’s website:
    What a beautiful and touching story. I, too, cried when Sambu died and even more when Toki’s call to him went unanswered. What a privilege for Mr. King and his team to be able to be so close to these incredible creatures. I hope Toki continues to be safe and stay healthy.

  • Noreen

    This is the 2nd time that I watched this episode about Mr. King’s efforts to help Toki and Sambu. Even though I knew what was going to happen to Sambu, it was still heart wrenching to see Toki’s and his caretakers grief at the loss of Sambu. My prayers are with Toki and I hope that he continues to thrive and look forward to seeing more updates on Toki’s progress.

  • Ric

    I just loved this Nature program, and as an animal lover and college student thinking about becoming a vetrinarian, I would like a more recent update on Toki’s well being and any info on how to do what Simon does!

  • Shaun

    WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY!! See the latest updates on Toki at Simon Kings Diary website dated March 2010….

  • mike

    I saw this last night. It made me cry when Sambu was gone and Toki was left all by himself. More updates on Toki Please

  • Lauren :)

    Best of luck to Toki. Hope you find a mate! I saw this episode and i felt really bad his brother died! More updates please!

  • Vincent Bales

    How old is Toki today?
    I’m glad he’s alright, he’s seems very trouble-making sometimes, as he scared Simon King out of his wits when he walked 12 miles in the night into human land where he could be killed…Does he like it, being back in the rhino reserve? Last I heard, that’s where he was. Where in Kenya is that rhino reserve?

  • emceemk

    Since we have seen Toki from a cub and watched his development, it’s easy to form an empathetic bond, though a cross-species one, and across time (just saw the program 6-28-10). The hard truth of it is that inside each cheetah, or any other big cat, or even most mammals, is a beating heart ,and mind of its own that can know the same emotions as Toki. We will never know them. But we will stand by while their habitat shrinks and they die by the thousands. Every day.
    I feel sick.
    So I write my little check to a wildlife charity and and hope that makes me a little less complicit.
    What do you do?

  • Brad S.

    I am hoping see more recent updates on toki’s condition. I believe he can become a great ambassador to these magnificant animals.

  • Abby

    It is great to hear that Toki is doing good!!!!! I just saw the episode today!!!! It was so sad when Sambu died…… Simon King is my idol!!!!!! I think he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

  • Deb

    Absolutely phenomenal – so glad I wandered into Toki and Simon’s adventure. Tears, cheers and hope. So sad about Sambi and heart wrenching when Toki was missing. What’s up with it being so hard to find Toki a mate? Then he’d at least have a partner to have his back. I so hope he finds one on his own and the angels and spirit guides watch over him . Thank you, Simon, for making it possible and for sharing. Deb

  • Mac

    An extremely touching show that is hard to watch. Excellent, I hope he lives on for years to come, please keep him away from predators. We can’t aford to lose these animals.

  • teresa

    I just finished watching the documentary about Toki and his fallen brother. I did not mean to stay on that channel and had things to get done for tomorrow morning. After the first few minutes, I was hooked and not only could I not alk away from the tv but I was transfixed…… Unbelievably touching and moving story. I have a love for animals and I don’t know how Mr. King found the strength to do what he thought was right for Toki and walk away. I would not have been able to. Truly the love that one gets from animals cannot be compared. I greatly admire him.

    Please let us know how Toki fares. This show simply broke my heart and left me in tears.

  • Henry

    I DVRed this episode to watch it for a second time. I’m also a dedicated Big Cat Diary watcher and cheetah fan. I’d like to see more on cheetahs with Simon King.

  • Denise LaChance

    Retraction of my previous comment. I found the 2009 update. Thanks.

  • tony

    Gratitude to Simon, Steven, and all the crew on this endeavor. Your passionate work and documentation efforts help me imagine the beauty, indifference, and brevity of all life.

  • Ashlee-Malia

    What a truly touching story!!! I caught it in the middle when Toki was injured, I hope to see the full document on it later. Mr. King and Steven are amazing people, dedicated to making a difference for Toki and having such an incredible love for them is phenomenal! Kudos to you two, you’re very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing! Best of luck on finding Toki a mate, he’ll be in my thoughts along with both of you!
    God bless.

  • Bev

    WONDERFUL program!!! Watched it 2 times in the last couple of days! Simon has done a terrific job of raising & training these Cats…too bad about the loss of Sambi & the female cheetah with Rabies! Love & LUCK to Toki on finding the “LOVE of his LIFE” !!!

  • Leigh

    Thank you for the update on Toki! This story was so touching. Please continue to keep us updated on Toki’s life.

  • Nika

    When will there be another update on Toki? Has he found a mate yet?

  • Patti

    I am a huge fan of Simon King and Big Cat Diaries. Awaiting a new series!

  • Marianne

    Hi again,
    I commented on the home page of the story. I almost wished Toki could have stayed in captivitiy since the re entry worked but he must be lonely. I am most certain his memories of Sambu and Simon and Stephen and all sustain him. I was so moved by this story. It blends a mother and fathers instincts and pure love. Even our wild creatures have an inate understanding of love. I normally don’t carry on over a story, but this one did me in.
    thanks for sharing it all.

  • Mona

    Thanks a million for sharing such a wondeful story about Toki. I couldn’t stop watching it till the end. I wish there was more. Since that day on I couldn’t stop thinking about Toki like he was mine. Please keep updating about him more.

  • nina

    it is so good to know that our toki is doing so well. he is the most beautiful cheetah i have ever seen.
    simon and stephen please take good care of our toki and keep us updated. thank you

  • Liz

    July 1, 2010

    Dear Simon,

    Thank God there are people like you in the world. And also organisation that make this happend. I been looking for an update for Toki, but the last posted information was on Nov. 24, 2008, since that date I cant find anything. Please keep updating us, it seen that the story of Toki’s Life had a great respond, maybe they can do another show with the updates. Thanks once again for all your love to the animal & for having a big hearth.

  • sweede

    Thanks to all that had a part in this wonderful prrgram.Now thats what I call great programing!!Please keep us updated on Toki.We donate to Iowa PBS because of shows like these.PLEASE keep up the great work!!

  • Henry Klahn

    Fantastic program and gripping real life drama. Cudos to Simon, Stephen and all OPC staff for their efforts. If you look on Simon’s website update information, Toki is still there and doing well:

    OPC’s Facebook postings also have positive recent information and updates if you review the past pages. There is a resident population of Cheetas doing well:!/pages/The-Ol-Pejeta-Conservancy/238056550323?v=wall . Be sure to Friend them.

    Cheers to all!

  • sarah f.

    so sorry about Sambu and the female cheetah that had rabies! i hope that Toki continues to do well and finds a mate soon! keep posting more updates about him, please!

  • Martha R.

    What a wonderful and amazing story. Please keep us updated on Toki. I hope he finds a mate and continues to have a good life in his haven. Thank you for bringing Toki into our lives.

  • aimee marty

    I would like to say that my husband and I watched this show last night and now realize it was a repeat and really would like to have more recent updates about Toki. He captured both of our hearts and souls. We are both REALLY HUGE anilmal lovers and to see you guys so close and personal with the 2 cheetahs is just so amazing. I didn’t realize that they are scared of humans and that you would be able to have the relationship you have today (which I am assuming Toki still has his collar on!). I also felt for the girl cheetah you found which ended up having rabies. I hope everyone is ok from the minor injuries you received. We have a dog named Tigga and she has the 3 different colors so we call her our cheetah! Anyway we would love to have more recent updates on Toki and hope he has found a mate to bond with. Very sad when his brother died and Toki was calling out for him :( Please post on the website some more recent photos of Toki and let us know how he is!! Again GREAT show and am looking forward to watching similar programs in the future!

  • Henry

    Fantastic program and gripping real life drama. Cudos to Simon, Stephen and all OPC staff for their efforts. If you look on Simon’s website update information, Toki is still there and doing well:

    OPC’s Facebook postings also have positive recent information and updates if you review the past pages. There is a resident population of Cheetas doing well:!/pages/The-Ol-Pejeta-Conservancy/238056550323?v=wall .

    Be sure to Friend them.

    Cheers to all!

  • Donna lvs Toto

    Having been a “Big Cat Diary” fan of long-standing, I was thrilled to see the story of Toki and Sambu today on PBS. It was wonderful and amazing to watch – even with the heartbreak of Sambu’s death. To Simon King: Thank you so much for your dedication and caring. I keep praying you and perhaps Jonathan will record some new “Big Cat Diary” programs on Animal Planet. I’ve seen the old ones so many times and still love them all, but look forward to any new ones. Therefore, this story today on PBS was such a thrill. Please, please keep us updated on Toki!

    (Would you believe I took a picture of my TV set with Honey the Cheetah with little Toto and use them as my computer background?) OK: I could go on forever, but I’m afraid this is too long already. Thanks again to Simon and Stephen and all the other people involved in introducing us to Toki!!

  • Kris

    I just happened upon the PBS airing of ‘Cheetah Orphans’ and was delighted to see Simon King w/cheetahs. I, too, am a BIG fan of Big Cat Diary, and was delighted to read that Toki is doing well as of 2010. I was sorry to see that Sambu didn’t make it, but as Simon and Jonathan both stated… in the wilds of Africa is hard….a day-to-day struggle. At least Toki has a chance. Animal Planet has stopped the BCD reruns, but I’m hoping it’s temporary! It is my understanding that there is a possibility that BCD will resume filming next summer/2011. I’ve read bits on both Simon’s and Jonathan’s blog, but there is no official word as yet from the BBC. My fingers are crossed, and I’ve written to the BBC twice now, and have received thank yous from them. I may get ‘Cheetah Orphans’, since the BCD DVD’s are not formatted for USA (darn it!!).

    Everyone have a pleasant day/evening.

  • Linda

    I saw this today and the story was so touching. Definately my favorite episode. I thought was really sad though, I had a couple of emotional moments. Toki is such a beautifull cheetah I hope he is well and I hope you update more on him soon. God bless you Simon.

  • Pink

    Great episode! Are there no new updates since 2009?? It’s 2010 now.

  • Marie Soileau

    I just watched the story of Toki and his brother and hope a mate will be found for him. Ultimately of course I pray that this will result in a wonderful life in the wild for this beautiful animal. His bond with Simon is unbeliebvable and the most touching thing I have ever seen.

  • Lara

    Good luck, Toki! You are a wonderful cat!

  • April

    Thanks to both PBS & Simon King for sharing this great story.

  • me

    how are toki¿¿
    why simon doesn’t buy a female for toki¿¿
    if some other chetaah touch toki again im going to kick him grr

  • Penny

    I just finished seeing the show on PBS. Kudos go out to you for your great programming. I’m glad to hear that Toki is reverting back to his ancestorial nature. Hopefully this and the hopes of a mate will continue to give him the life he deserves. Thank you to Simon and Stephen for your dedication.

  • Michael and Allie B

    Toki was fun to watch – he was very fast. When Toki was a cub, he was so cute. He was funny too…we did not know how furry cheetah cubs are. We love to watch episodes of Nature with our whole family, but we especially liked this one.

  • tisrael

    we were touch by this nature episode regarding Toki. However, we did not see the beginning, but the recap at the end helped us to see what was missed. It certainly is touching and we hope you will please find him a mate. Simon King, you truly reflect the Creator’s will for man as a care taker to the animal. Thank you for your wonderful work. Gen 2:19-20

  • Esther

    Watched the Cheetah orphan’s documentary this afternoon. I just loved it! I was wondering what the latest updates on Toki are? Did he ever find a mate? Can’t wait to bring my son to this reserve and meet him that would be such a treat!

  • marilyn heck

    The story of the cubs is so beautiful it is almost heartbreaking. What an incredibly wonderful story.
    For this time and story, man is not the predator that usually is his role when dealing with wild
    creatures. I pray Toki lives a long natural life and is able to mate leaving many cubs for the
    survival of Cheetas.

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    i entirely accept with that but as im from italy and my english is not that smashing im not sure if i understood everything word-perfect. I would enjoy if you could post a translated version of your posts, so i can read them more easily. promise to read over again soon here!

  • alexis

    what a great show. love cheetahs and sad that Toki lost his brother. Please give an update about Toki!! Hope he is doing well and starting a family of his own,

  • alexis

    what a great show. love cheetahs and sad that Toki lost his brother. Please give an update about Toki!! Hope he is doing well and starting a family of his own. thanks for being so great to the cheetahs and watching out for them.

  • Taylor

    i really love this story it was really touching. thanks for taking such good care of Toki when he despretely needed your help. i really hope you can find Toki a mate good luck. I hope he continues to stay safe and healthy! Keep me updated please. thanks for all your help!!! Our world needs people like you who go out of thier way to save others or care for them. Once again thank you so much!!!!(:

  • Jim

    The Ol Pejeta website has an update on Toki dated February, 2011. In it, Simon King stated that Toki has not been seen since February, 2010. King concludes that there is little hope that Toki is still alive. But he lived much longer than a wild cheetah, and this was a great story. Thanks, PBS.

  • loaderman

    Where’s Toki ? Jims post on May 8, 2011 says of a website giving latest reports, sure would be good to have a link to that site

  • Mark L Hill

    I seen this show tonight 7-24-11 it stated I could purchase this DVD $19.99 I beleive,I was trying to copy the price and phone # how ever it dose not stay very long on the screen.
    any help would be appricated
    Mark L Hill
    PS I collect everything on the cheetahs this was the best ever

  • sharea

    Hi mi name is sharea ni wonder da updates on toki how hes doin n did u find him a mate do he have babies tokis I was heart broken wen his brother died n I think u should do another show bout toki n his updates

  • Lola Penner

    What a great story/experience that was! We just finished watching PBS and the Nature movie of Toki and his brother. Would love an update and of course we want to know if a family affair has begun! Thanks for the wonderful insights of this movie.

  • Ken

    Mark L Hill: go to and click on Science & Nature, then click on Animals. The DVD is listed as “Nature: Cheetahs and Lions” (You get 2 programs).

  • Ryan

    I watched this program tonight, and found his latest update. You can find it here,

  • barbara

    I found out about the orphan cheetahs today .As we are loosing mammals in the world by 1 in 4 , it is wonderful to know that TOKI could save the cheetah from extinctions in some parts of the world as time marches on .. Thank you for such able care of toki and the appreciation of seeing him not as a pet but in the protected wild .

  • steve
  • Dan

    R.I.P Toki :(

  • Juan

    I just watched the show today and I love it. Cheetahs are awesome animals and they need our help to insure their survival. I hope Toki is alive and well.

  • curtis

    best of luck to you toki on a long and healthy life and i hope you can have a mate and a family so the spirit of your brother sambu (r.i.p.) can life on. and thank you simon king and pbs for a great story that was wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. i also enjoy big cat diary and have watched since season 1 till the final season.

  • ed

    would love a current update on Toki if possible. cheetahs must have our help to survive thanks

  • Chuc
  • Laurie

    I would love to hear that Toki has sired some cubs. Thank you so for taking care of Toki and other orphaned animals.

  • bpjerseygirl

    Such an inspiring show tonite. I cried just as I know everyone else when toki’s brother was killed. Then to see him get hurt himself was more upsetting. But toki has shown he is a strong survivor. Please keep us posted. thank you Mr King.

  • Yve

    Hi Libby, I clicked on the link and it says page could not be found. I was flipping channels and stumbled across this doc. How touching!

  • Yve

    Oops, that comment was made for another location.

  • txkboy

    They should do a recent follow-up video on Toki.

  • Minnie

    Saw this story for the first time Sun. p.m. Another update is needed, please.

  • CindyRandy

    Wondeful story on the life of cheetahs. It would be so thrilling to pet Toki! :-)

  • kimi37

    I loved this show i want to kno more about toki also please : )

  • dondon1521

    My husband and I truly enjoyed your show. I’m so glad Toki is doing well-I hope he can find a mate to have little Tokis
    and Sambus with…..

  • Cheryl

    Hello to all
    I checked the latest update on Toki for 2011 and at last report Simon King was unable to locate him. Apparently, he had decided it was best to remove Toki’s trackng collar so he had not worn it for sometime. He commented that he doubted Toki was still alive, from all of the possible areas he could of wandered into and the threats from other predators and man.
    I was of course saddened to hear this.
    I loved the cheetah story and like so many others, wished for a happier ending.

  • Danny

    What a fantastic story! A lot better than “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ or any of those stupid shows. This story really touched me the first time I saw it and again this time. Very sad to hear in the Feb 2011 update that Toki was not able to be found in Dec 2010, but wow he outlived his original fate by 8 years! (If he’s not still living). THANKS!

  • Monica

    What a great story, thanks PBS and Simon!……have seen twice and both times laughed & cried. Hope handsome Toki finds his mate soon :)

  • Alie

    Oh, Toki, It’s been a long time since you were that vulnerable cub. And now you may alreay have died or become more vulnerable with age. I still pray for one more peaceful siting of you, and perhaps to know if you have ever fathered cubs. It’s so difficult for us not to personify you.

  • Shigeko

    I love Toki who is so beautiful ,slender ,and delicate body ,and he might have his mind too. When he was a little boy he acted like my pet dog at that moment , I fell love him. The feral cheetah which has reverted to its wild state, but it is very hard to live.I will get information of Toki update , and he will make his family. Thank you so mach it is great story , and wonderful, valuable the TV program.

  • Judith Broadbent

    This is a wonderful program. I am a teacher and have always loved Cheetahs. I would really like to know what has now happened to Toki. My daughter is a artist and has done a drawing of cheetahs. We watched the episode again this morning (7-31-2011) and the latest update we can find is 2009. Has anything important happened since then? This is a wonderful story and Simon is a great artist himself.

  • peacequiet

    Ohhh that update in July 2011 leaves me saddened.
    I cried at various times in this film.

    Do you folks out there get it ?
    We could be looking at the slim few left in the not so far future.
    We needed this wonderful animal to succeed !

    The animals that we love so much are hunted and killed by Africans and Asians
    daily. We must protect them. Please help in any way you can.

    Simon King,thank God for you and your respect for animals. It made me cry with joy and sadness

  • Katy

    A very touching story about Toki, the cheetah I fell in love with. Best of luck to you, boy!!

  • Mike Davis

    What a wonderful story and from one old bachelor to another Toki, I hope we all find a mate!

  • Linda Jaster

    Are there any current updates on Toki? We loved the story and would truly like to know what has happened.

  • Angie Kopsky

    Would like to know if there are any updates on Toki. WTTW showed his story this morning and I couldn’t walk away from the TV. It’s sad he’s lost his brother, but it would be wonderful to find out if he has finally found his mate and if he has any offspring. After all he’s been through, it would be nice to know he’s continued to flourish.

  • Kimberly

    Thank you to Simon King and Stephen for your commitment to Toki. The education provided to us is important and such a priviledge.

  • Loserjay

    Nature : The Cheetah Orphans is a really outstanding episode, I really enjoyed it, if you watched the B^B^C version of Cheetah Orphans, there is a long extended Sambu footage before he is killed by Lion, that did not make it to Nature episode, i really recommend that also.

  • EdLawrence

    What a wonderful and heartfelt story! Simon and Stephen did a wonderful job with Toki! I wish Toki a long a healthy life… along with a mate!

    Thank You Nature, and PBS!

  • Jillian

    I’m so gald that Toki did he find a mate yet let us know

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