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On Canada’s Ellesmere Island, the race is on to raise families. Last summer, a nesting gyrfalcon pair failed to raise any young. The rare Arctic wolves rely on every member of the pack to chase and bring down the prey that keep them alive. For the wolves and the falcons, as well for the snowy owls, lemmings, foxes and hares who share this fragile ecosystem, the future is never certain.Buy the DVD. The film premiered October 26, 2008. (Video limited to US & Territories).

  • Cyberman9

    I have watched the full episode of White Falcon, White Wolf and i was truly fascinated by the instinctual traits of young ducklings. The part where the strayed female young wolf was trying to catch them for food of course and they dived underwater to hide but only surfaced for air when the wolf was looking the other way..lol. Nature’s lifecycle and the animal kingdom’s survival of the cleverest, fittest and the wisest.

  • naturelover01

    The episode of the White Falcon, White Wolf and the Snowy Owl was just fascinated. Ducklings that can taunt a wolf? wow! Thats just incredible as Mother Nature gives predator and prey each with a fighting chance to live or die. I kinda felt bad for the female wolf that wondered off though….don’t u guys wish you could just be part of that show and help the wolf???

  • Autumn12

    Great episode! All white animals and birds (except the ducks and foxes) – really cool!! I love wildlife and this one reminded me of my former home where I lived in a forest. I used to watch wildlife right in my own backyard. I related to these birds and animals, just as I used to relate to those in my yard. Thank you PBS and Nature!

  • Stu

    Thank you so much for such a wonderfully inspiring video. I just love wolves and others who do as well, capturing them on film for our education and edification. Thank you.

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