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Host Mark Fenton
Episode #103: "Getting the Next Generation Moving"

Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Health & Fitness
Studies show that children and teens are fatter and less active today than ever before, but what can we do about it? Mark visits an experimental school in Boston, the Codman Academy Charter School, where the curriculum includes reading, writing and revving up exercise. Mark interviews some of the kids-chosen through a lottery system-who try to make the grade physically as well as mentally.

Fuel for the Road
Fuel for the Road
Nancy Clark offers her suggestions for what kids today should be eating.

Gear to Go
Gear to Go
How to keep a walking log book and why it helps you stay focused.

Call to Action
Call to Action
In recent years, many schools systems have refocused their efforts to increase standardized test scores, but has physical education suffered in the process? Jim Sallis discusses the alarming lack of P.E. in our nation's schools and what it's doing to our kids.

Travel & Adventure
Travel & Adventure
Mark travels to Boston, Massachusetts to explore the many museums and historical landmarks in walking distance.