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Host Mark Fenton
Episode #204: "Women and Heart Disease"

Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Health & Fitness
What is the number one killer of women in the U.S.? Most people would be shocked to learn that the answer is not breast cancer, it's heart disease. Mark talks with Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Chief of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and interviews a woman in her late 30s who is recovering from a heart attack.

Fuel for the Road
Fuel for the Road
Diet for a healthy heart.

Gear to Go
Gear to Go
There are dozens of treadmills on the market-Mark provides tips for picking the best one.

Call to Action
Call to Action
An overview of the Heart Attack Risk Assessment Quiz from Dr. Nieca Goldberg's book Women Are Not Small Men: Life-Saving Strategies for Preventing and Healing Heart Disease in Women.

Travel & Adventure
Travel & Adventure
A tour of Central Park, the heart and soul of New York City.