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Host Mark Fenton
Episode #111: "Trails to Fitness"

Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Health & Fitness
Trail Steward Linda Heroux of Cranston, Rhode Island was 60 lbs. overweight and began walking at a trail across town. After getting tired of driving to the trail everyday, she decided to maintain a trail of her own near her house. Also interviewed is Ross Brownson who talks about the importance of trails. As a parapalegic, Brownson explains how trails are not just for the able-bodied. Mark also demonstrates exercises to do on the trail.

Fuel for the Road
Fuel for the Road
Nutritionist Laney Hixon rates the best and worst nutrition bars on the market. Plus, host Mark Fenton discusses his favorite trail food, GORP (Granola, Oranges, Raisins, Peanuts), and how it can be the best thing to bring with you on a hike.

Gear to Go
Gear to Go
Mark shows you how to pick out the right bike for you and how to ride it on the trail.

Call to Action
Call to Action
The Providence-based East Coast Greenway Association is a system of trails and greenways maintained all along the East Coast; ECGA representative David Dionne discusses their work and how long-distance trails are sure to be the recreation of the future.

Travel & Adventure
Travel & Adventure
A visit to Providence, Rhode Island which has made a remarkable comeback in recent years. Its revitalized waterfront is a lovely place to walk.