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Host Mark Fenton
Episode #108: "This Woman's Not Stopping"

Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Health & Fitness
Several years ago, Kristin, a young school teacher, found that her car had broken down and she had no other way to get to her job than walk. She found the experience so rewarding, she decided to forego her car and walk the 8-mile route every day. Now, she's healthier and happier for it.

Fuel for the Road
Fuel for the Road
Nutritionist Laney Hixon explains the importance of portion control.

Gear to Go
Gear to Go
Selecting the right backpack for you.

Call to Action
Call to Action
See how Chattanooga, Tennessee revitalized itself into one of the most walkable cities in America.

Travel & Adventure
Travel & Adventure
A visit to Point Park on Chattanooga's Lookout Mountain to visit a special Civil War memorial honoring both the North and the South.