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Host Mark Fenton
Episode #202: "The Capitol of Bicycling"

Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Health & Fitness
There are plenty of great cities for bicycling, but Davis, California is considered the bicycling capitol of the U.S. Mark pays a visit to Tim Bustos, Bicycle Coordinator for the city of Davis, to find out what makes the city so bicycle friendly. In Davis, dedicated bike lanes, traffic rotaries for bikes and bike parking are taken into account every time a new road or new development is designed.

Fuel for the Road
Fuel for the Road
Registered Dietician Sue Gebo tells us what the best healthy snacks are for refueling after a workout.

Gear to Go
Gear to Go
Mark introduces the ABC quick check for bicycle safety.

Call to Action
Call to Action
Davis, California is a great model for making a city more accessible for bicycles. Duplicating the Davis success story in your own community will not only give people incentive to be more active, it will improve traffic, air quality and the environment.

Travel & Adventure
Travel & Adventure
A visit to Old Sacramento and the American River Trail.