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Mark Bittman’s recipe for McBitty’s Bean Burgers

The way most of our meat is produced is so unethical and resource-heavy that a whole new industry is growing around the science and technology of creating “meat” that doesn’t come from animals.

By now everyone has heard of Beyond Meat and the Impossible burger, but imagine chicken nuggets grown in petri dishes; cell-based meat is a real thing that some say will transform how the world eats.

But as we’ve been reporting in our “Future of Food” series, it’s still unregulated territory when it comes to research on the impact of the new products on health, the environment, resource use and other issues.

Mark Bittman's recipe for black bean burgers, McBitty's Bean Burgers.

Still: At some point soon, the burger on your plate might be coming from a laboratory near you. If you’re not quite ready for that, I have a kinder, gentler, more traditional burger. It’s tasty, easy to make and there’s no meat – real or otherwise – involved.

Made from black beans, dried mushrooms, oats, and a few condiments, it’s one of dozens of possible burger substitutes. No lab needed.

Mark Bittman’s McBitty’s Bean Burgers by PBS NewsHour on Scribd

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