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4 days of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing in less than 15 minutes

It was one of the most kinetic and turbulent Supreme Court confirmation hearings in recent history. Though there’s little chance Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s eventual confirmation to the Supreme Court was ever in peril, Senate Democrats and an assortment of protesters used the event as a platform to raise their objections to how the judge might handle legal issues ranging from abortion rights to gun violence to health care for those with pre-existing conditions.

Between the protestor outbursts and contentious questioning, Republicans in the chamber provided a counter-narrative, allowing Kavanaugh to present his record as an impartial judge on the Washington, D.C., court of appeals and to introduce his daughter’s youth basketball team, for which he serves as coach.

If you weren’t able to watch all 39 hours of the hearing, including exhaustive discussions of Senate rules on confidential document disclosures and Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’ mysterious series of questions focused on the Mueller investigation, we have you covered. We watched it all, so you don’t have to: enjoy this less-than-15-minute highlight real of the moments you shouldn’t miss from the Kavanaugh hearing.