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WATCH: Barr testifies to Congress about calling Mueller

WASHINGTON — Attorney General William Barr says special counsel Robert Mueller told him that Barr didn’t “misrepresent” Mueller’s Russia report in a letter summarizing the probe’s principal conclusions.

The attorney general testified Wednesday before Congress and responded to the release of a March 27 letter from Mueller complaining that Barr’s four-page letter about the report “did not fully capture the context, nature and substance” of the special counsel’s “work and conclusions.”

Barr says he called Mueller after receiving his complaints and Mueller told him “he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report.”

Barr says Mueller told him press reports were reading too much into Barr’s letter and Mueller wanted the public to see more of his reasoning for not answering the question of whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Mueller’s letter says that Barr’s summary of his Russia report created “public confusion about critical aspects of the results.”

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