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WATCH: Rep. DeGette says harm to the Capitol may be long lasting

House Democrats prosecuting Donald Trump’s impeachment said Thursday the harm from the mob attack on Capitol Hill January 6th will be long lasting if there are no repercussions.

House Impeachment Manager, Rep. Dianne DeGette said: “We must condemn it, because the threat is not over.”

Watch DeGette’s remarks in the player above.

The prosecutors are wrapping up their opening presentation, describing in stark, personal terms the horror they faced that day and drilling down on the public and explicit instructions Trump gave his supporters — both in the weeks before the Jan. 6 attack and at his midday rally that unleashed They presented videos of rioters, some posted to social medial by the rioters themselves, talking about how they were doing it all for Trump.

“We are not here to punish Donald Trump. We are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from bearing fruit,” she said.

Trump’s lawyers will launch their defense on Friday.

Democrats are using their remaining hours of arguments to lay out the physical and mental harm caused by the attack, discuss Trump’s lack of action as it unfolded and do a final presentation on the legal issues involved.

It appears unlikely that the House prosecutors will call witnesses, and Trump has declined a request to testify. The trial is expected to continue into the weekend.

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