Mar 18

Watch atoms as they ‘hula hoop’ inside a molecule

Have you ever seen molecules bond, break or hula hoop? Chemist Ara Apkarian has. He and his team at the University of California Irvine are developing the chemiscope, a laser-powered device to record images at a molecular level. The lasers…

Feb 14

Romancing the armpit

If you're hoping for a powerful aphrodisiac this Valentine's Day, skip the pheromone perfumes. The strongest signal you can send to your mate is from your own pits.

Sep 20

The drug that never lets go

Dickie Sanders was not naturally prone to depression. The 21-year-old BMX rider was known for being sweet spirited and warm -- a hugger not a hand-shaker. The kind of guy who called on holidays. Who helped his father on the…

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