Jul 28

As America’s first African-American president finishes his second term, his historic presidency could be followed by another one -- that of our first female president. There are regular references to Hillary Clinton’s gender on the campaign trail, but has the…

Oct 27

An Indonesian visitor under fire

When international leaders come to the White House, a military band often plays ruffles and flourishes and their country's national anthem. For Indonesia's President Joko Widodo, a more appropriate tune would have been the Platters' classic, "Smoke Gets in Your…

Oct 13

On Obama’s Korean table, much China

When President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye meet Friday, they could spend as much time talking about China as about the relations between their two countries.

Aug 07

My story as an Indian immigrant

Forty years ago, I arrived in America with none of the social bona fides, the pedigree that comes from T-ball, Boy Scouts, junior prom or graduating from the local high school.

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