Politics Apr 25

Gwen’s Take: Politics as an extinct species

It is an entirely human condition to pine for the good old days, when candy cost a penny, hopscotch was the best way to spend recess and politicians actually talked to, not only at, one another. But as the…

Education Apr 24

Is cursive handwriting slowly dying out in America?

For centuries, the educated, wealthy and refined could be distinguished by their ability to put quill to parchment to create beautiful, flowing letters. The delicately formed cursive letters of the America‚Äôs Declaration of Independence helped form a nation. But that…

Apr 23

Can we save our body’s ecosystem from extinction?

The sheer amount of bacteria in and on your body weighs three to four pounds, the same weight as the human brain. But overuse of antibiotics is threatening the microbes our guts need, and possibly giving rise to modern plagues.

On Earth Day, scientists want you to know that more and more animals are becoming extinct. More than 800 animals have gone extinct or extinct in the wild over the last 500 or so years, according to the International Union…