Jan 15

It wasn’t the ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ after all

We now know just how productive the last Congress was — thanks to one of the more underappreciated reports in U.S. government, the Resume of Congressional Activity.This one-page sheet summarizes the activity of each Congressional year and the report for…

Jan 13

2016 here we come!

The jockeying for the White House in 2016 kicked into a second gear with former candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum making headlines.

Jan 12

Who blinks first between Obama, Republicans?

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama meets with congressional leaders for the first time since Republicans took control of the new Congress. So far, both sides are taking hard-line postures.

Jan 08

5 things you might not have known about Mitch McConnell

Today in the Morning Line: McConnell wrote his thesis on “The Great Compromiser” His real name’s not Mitch He once sought the support of Democratic-leaning groups like major unions Obama heads to Phoenix to talk housing Immigration action in the…

Jan 07

Split power is the new normal in American politics

Today in the Morning Line: Just two presidents in the last 50 years have not experienced a Congress fully controlled by the opposition party 16 of the 24 times the opposition party has fully controlled Congress have been in just…

Jan 06

What to watch on Congress’ first day back

Welcome to the 114th Congress. Both the House and Senate, which will have a new majority leader in Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, will gavel in for the new Congress at noon today. The chambers each begin with a prayer, but…

Dec 18

Obama’s ‘transformative’ Cuba moment

Today in the Morning Line: Explaining Obama’s move on Cuba The generational shift — even among Cuban Americans — on Cuba policy The Obamas talk about their personal experiences dealing with race Obama goes big on Cuba: Whether you agree…