The Dictator’s Playbook is a six-part history series that examines the rise and fall of twentieth century dictators. Each immersive hour is a detailed biography of a single dictator, chronicling his early life, rise to power, decline and fall.

Rich in psychological detail, the series provides fresh insight into six brutal men who helped to shape world history: Kim Il Sung, Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Manuel Noriega, and Idi Amin. What drove their thirst for domination and control? How did they seize and wield power? What forces rose up against them or resisted them in secret? How did they finally come to the bitter end?

Through historical context and analysis, the series explores how these dictators functioned, how they influenced each other, and why they succeeded or failed. And we discover, as different as these men were from each other, all of them followed a series of essential steps, from seizing power to eliminating enemies — an unwritten Dictator’s Playbook.

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