Find by Interest Anthropology

Babatha's Scroll
Translate a 2,000-year-old cave document from ancient Greek into English.

Be an Archeologist
Reassemble pot sherds to reconstruct a Mayan artifact.

Before and After
Watch as centuries of grime are removed from nine stunning paintings in Lo Monthang's Thubchen monastery.

Before Clovis
Were people in North America long before the so-called "first Americans"? Explore an interactive map.

Bog Bodies of the Iron Age
See where discoveries have been made across Northwest Europe and examine a dozen spectacular finds.

Build a Family Tree (Men Only)
Both sexes can use this interactive feature that lets you use DNA information from the Y chromosome to complete a male family tree.

Build a Rice Paddy
A step-by-step animation shows the construction of a rice paddy.

Casts of Characters
Using fully rotatable 360° photography, compare casts of two famous skulls—the La Chapelle-aux-Saints Neanderthal and Cro Magnon I.

Compare the Brains
How does the hobbit's brain measure up to those of a modern human, a chimp, and others?

Compare the Skeletons
The bones of chimps, early human ancestors, and modern people reveal what it takes for us to walk upright.

Deciphering Buddha Imagery
What you need to know to recognize an image of Buddha.

Dig and Deduce
Uncover bone fragments and artifacts at three Neanderthal excavation sites, then step into the morass known as archeological interpretation.

Grave Analysis
Take a close look at an Inca burial thought to be from the Siege of Lima.

Hieroglyphics: Say What?
Learn about hieroglyphs and then try to decipher a message.

Identifying Remains with DNA
Using an interactive family tree, find out why mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is so useful to forensic scientists.

Images of a Legend
See a dozen portrayals of Pocahontas that reveal as much about their makers as about the woman herself.

Kanzi the Bonobo
In this audio slide show, researcher Sue Savage-Rumbaugh describes one extraordinarily linguistic ape.

Map of the Maya World
From Chichén Itzá in the north to Copán in the south, the Maya empire was vast, with hundreds of known sites. See 15 of the chief cities in this clickable map.

Meet Kennewick Man
Using 360-degree photography of Kennewick Man, archeologist Jim Chatters tells how he put a face to the ancient man's reconstructed head.

Origins of Bipedalism
Explore hypotheses for why we stand up, choose your favorite, then hear what paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson thinks.

Our Family Tree
See (and hear) where you stand among the great apes in this audiovisual interactive.

Outfitting for Battle
Inca and conquistador soldiers had very different gear—and that made all the difference.

Reading Maya Hieroglyphs
The Maya invented a writing system so elaborate that experts have yet to completely decipher it. See if you can interpret some classic Maya hieroglyphs.

Reading the Remains
Learn what information can be gleaned from a burial site—in this case that of an ancient, high-ranking Thai woman.

Read My Lips
See a slide show of bonobo gestures and facial expressions, and find out what they mean.

Stone Age Toolkit
Would you know what to use an ancient stone tool for if you unearthed one? Try your hand here.

Tollund Man
Meet the most famous bog body of all and learn how scientists reconstructed his final hours. Also, hear Seamus Heaney's poem "The Tollund Man."

Who's Who in Human Evolution?
Meet your increasingly distant cousins in this clickable illustration of the past seven million years.

Write Your Name in Runes
See your name spelled in runes, learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet, and delve into the history of the Norse writing system.


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