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Anatomy of Childbirth
Review the three stages of having a baby as well as some of the risks women face.

Anatomy of the Coelacanth
This survivor from the age of dinosaurs has body parts found in no other living creature.

Anatomy of a Croc
Examine a Nile crocodile and see what makes this amazing reptile tick.

Anatomy of a Hive
Investigate the physical, behavioral, and social infrastructure inside a bees' nest.

Anatomy of Photo 51
When you know how to look at it, this shadowy X-ray photograph speaks volumes about the shape of DNA.

Bacteria Talk
In this interview, Bassler describes the 600 species of bacteria on your teeth each morning, and much more. Hear the audio highlights or read the full interview.

Brain Geography
Learn how to model a brain and find out more about the cerebellum, spinal cord, brain stem, and cerebral cortex.

Build a Steroid
Follow the steps a chemist takes to synthesize a disease-fighting drug.

Classifying Life
What do a polar bear and a sea cucumber have in common? More than you might imagine.

Coelacanth Quiz
Does this fish lay eggs? Find surprising answers to this and other questions in this illustrated true-false quiz.

Compare the Skeletons
The bones of chimps, early human ancestors, and modern people reveal what it takes for us to walk upright.

Dogs Around The World
Match 14 dogs to the environment they were bred for, from the rugged mountains of Argentina to the Australian outback.

Engineer a Crop
Modify plants using the traditional method of selective breeding and one of the latest transgenic methods.

Evolution in Action
Change the environment of "living" things and see how random mutations help them survive the changes you bring about.

Explore a Stretch of Code
Examine an actual stretch of human DNA and see what the experts see.

Explore the Methuselah Grove
In this series of breathtaking 360° panoramas, place yourself 10,000 feet up in California's White Mountains, where the world's oldest tree has stood for almost 5,000 years.

Fertility Throughout Life
Explore the complex nature of our changing fertility from infancy to old age.

Fighting Back
Enter the immune system and work to eliminate a mumps virus that has invaded the body.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
Click on a table full of genetically modified foods and find out how biotechnology is changing what we eat.

Healthy Old Age
Find out what all the hoopla is about SIR2 and how it can slow down aging, at least in yeast.

How Cancer Grows
Follow the growth of a carcinoma from initial mutation to widespread metastasis.

How Cells Divide
In this step-by-step animation, learn about mitosis and meiosis, the two types of cell division.

How is Sex Determined?
The sex of an egg cell is set as soon as it is fertilized, but what happens to that cell and the cells it divides into to make a baby boy or a baby girl?

Illuminating Photosynthesis
In nature, photosynthesis takes place on a grand scale without any help from you. Here, you need to help the process along.

Inside a Tubeworm
Get the inside scoop on a giant tubeworm, a creature so unusual that biologists initially placed it in its own special class in the animal kingdom, the vestimentiferans.

Journey into DNA
Where does DNA live inside the human body, and how is it packaged? Take an animated journey into the tiny world of DNA to find out.

Making Vaccines
The world's first vaccine, invented in 1796, used pustules from diseased cows to protect humans from smallpox. Find out how six different types of vaccines are made today.

Origins of Bipedalism
Explore hypotheses for why we stand up, choose your favorite, then hear what paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson thinks.

Probe the Brain
Use an electric probe to map the motor cortex, the area of the brain responsible for controlling body movement.

Radiocarbon Dating
What is carbon-14 anyway, and how can it reveal the date of an ancient artifact?

Reviving the Virus
Was it justified? In this interactive poll, explore arguments for and against, then vote online.

Sequence for Yourself
How do researchers determine the sequence of A's, C's, T's, and G's that make up the human genome?

Two Worlds
In this quiz, see how women in rich and poor countries face very different realities when it comes to childbearing and maternal health.

Who's Who of Crocodilians
Use this clickable map to find out about the 23 species of crocodilians around the world.


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