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Amber Around the World
From the Arctic to the tropics, from Mexico to Myanmar, amber is cosmopolitan, as this clickable map shows.

Anatomy of Katrina
Track the hurricane from its birth in the open ocean through its catastrophic encounter with the Gulf Coast.

Anatomy of Nyiragongo
Find out what features make this unquiet volcano tick.

Anatomy of a Tsunami
Follow the tsunami from its birth at the seafloor to its devastating collision with coasts around the Indian Ocean.

Blasts From the Past
Explore a clickable map of supereruptions around the world.

Brief History of Life, A
Explore the history of life on Earth as we know it today, from the earliest bacteria to the first modern humans.

Build an Island
A step-by-step presentation shows how an atoll forms.

Continents on the Move
Discover how scientists measure continental movement.

Discoveries in Global Dimming
From an 18th-century volcanic eruption to a 21st-century satellite, see what paved the way to our understanding of this phenomenon.

Earth in Peril
How do consumption and rapid population growth affect our planet's natural resources? Explore the many ways in this collection of maps.

Explore the Scablands
Examine the evidence left by the violent floods.

How Caves Form
Watch as rainwater, waves, lava, and bacteria create four different types of caves.

Inside the Jet Stream
A step-by-step presentation reveals what generates the jet-stream and why it flows from west to east.

Into Living Things
Learn how tree rings, ice cores, and coral reefs help scientists see into the past.

Life Cycle of a Glacier
Follow the adventures of a single snowflake as it takes residence in a glacier and goes for a 30,000-year ride.

Make the Earth's Weather
What if the Earth's warm spots were a little colder, or its cold spots a little warmer? What if it were to spin at a different speed, or if the planet itself were bigger or smaller? How would our weather change?

Mountain Weather
Find out how mountains create their own distinct weather patterns.

Once and Future Tsunamis
With this interactive world map, learn about nine tsunamis, and see where the next one could strike.

Origins Game, The
Where are scientists making the great discoveries in origins research? Check out our world map.

Photographing the Big Melt
James Balog describes his Extreme Ice Survey in this audio slide show.

Prime Suspects
Examine a lineup of possible culprits in the Permian extinction, vote for your favorite, then see what paleontologist Doug Erwin thinks.

See a Reversal
Watch a simulated flip of the Earth's magnetic field, from the first signs of instability to the final reversal.

Seismic Signals
Discover the hidden signatures that volcanologists seek in the noise emanating from a restless volcano.

Seychelles Through Time
The Seychelles once lay at the heart of the supercontinent Gondwana, but today these islands lie alone 1,000 miles out in the Indian Ocean. Find out how this happened through this animation.

Skydive from the Stratosphere
Step into the shoes of the man who made a record-setting jump from 100,000 feet and deploy your stabilizing and main parachutes to reach the ground safely.

Supersized Volcano, A
As this interactive shows, Toba's upheaval dwarfs all eruptions of recorded history.

What Causes the Tides
Mostly the moon, somewhat the sun, and naturally the Earth itself.

What on Earth Made This?
Try your hand at our gee-whiz geology quiz.

Wildfire Simulator
Use this fire-growth computer model to see how conditions such as wind speed and direction can affect the spread of a wildland fire.

World on Fire
Every year, wildfires rage across millions of acres on all continents save Antarctica. Using annotated satellite maps of Earth, view and review the 2000 fire season on six continents.

World's Deadliest Volcanoes
Use a magnitude scale known as the Volcanic Explosivity Index to rate a volcanic eruption.


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