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AIDS in Perspective
Click through six world maps, each of which tells a different, yet equally sobering story about the worldwide magnitude of AIDS, and those who are affected.

Anatomy of Childbirth
Review the three stages of having a baby as well as some of the risks women face.

Anatomy of a Cigarette
Take a close look at a clickable conventional cigarette, and compare it to recent attempts to create a "safer" cigarette.

Bacteria Talk
In this interview, Bassler describes the 600 species of bacteria on your teeth each morning, and much more. Hear the audio highlights or read the full interview.

Be a Demographer
Play a matching game to see how demographic data reflects and shapes the future of the U.S. and three other countries.

Body Breakdowns
Click on different parts of a climber's body to discover what people experience at high altitudes.

Body Needs
Click on an illustration of body parts, a list of nutrients, or food types to see what the body needs to function best.

Brain Geography
Learn how to model a brain and find out more about the cerebellum, spinal cord, brain stem, and cerebral cortex.

Build a Family Tree (Men Only)
Both sexes can use this interactive feature that lets you use DNA information from the Y chromosome to complete a male family tree.

Disease Detective
Trace the outbreak of a mysterious illness, "dizzy fever," to its source.

Fertility Throughout Life
Explore the complex nature of our changing fertility from infancy to old age.

Fighting Back
Enter the immune system and work to eliminate a mumps virus that has invaded the body.

Gene Switches
Not all switches are epigenetic. As this slide show reveals, some are genetic—and amazingly powerful.

Global Trends Quiz
Test your understanding of the population trends and environmental challenges facing nations around the world.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
Click on a table full of genetically modified foods and find out how biotechnology is changing what we eat.

Hazards of Diving Deep
Scuba diving to 230 feet is extremely perilous, even for professional divers. Take a virtual dive to the wreck of U-869 and learn about the threats deep divers face.

Healthy Old Age
Find out what all the hoopla is about SIR2 and how it can slow down aging, at least in yeast.

History of Biowarfare
Agents of disease have been used as weapons of terror for centuries, long before scientists knew how germs spread illness. Review the past—and the unfolding—history of biowarfare and bioterrorism.

How Cancer Grows
Follow the growth of a carcinoma from initial mutation to widespread metastasis.

Making Vaccines
The world's first vaccine, invented in 1796, used pustules from diseased cows to protect humans from smallpox. Find out how six different types of vaccines are made today.

Map of the Human Heart
Put your finger on the pulse of how the human heart works with an automatically changing color graphic of a heart in cross-section.

Medicine Through Time
Learn how physicians over the past century would have handled three afflictions: infection, kidney failure, and diabetes.

Military Medicine Through Time
In this interactive, try to identify what you're seeing in medically related photos from the Civil War to the Iraq War.

Nature's Pharmacy
In this slide show, see wild species that gave rise to penicillin, morphine, and other medications.

Operation: Heart Transplant
As the heart surgeon in a NOVA virtual operating theater, it's your job to cut out an old heart and replace it with a new one.

Probe the Brain
Use an electric probe to map the motor cortex, the area of the brain responsible for controlling body movement.

Results of Death-Camp Experiments: Should They Be Used?
Should researchers be able to make use of the findings from Nazi medical experiments on concentration-camp inmates? Form your own opinion in this ethical provocation. Caution: This feature may not be suitable for children.

Reviving the Virus
Was it justified? In this interactive poll, explore arguments for and against, then vote online.

Tale of Two Mice, A
In this audio slide show, hear how the epigenome can make identical-twin mice appear so different.

Test Yourself
Take the very same tests given to climbers on Everest to assess their mental abilities as they ascended into the thin air atop the world's highest mountain.

Two Worlds
In this quiz, see how women in rich and poor countries face very different realities when it comes to childbearing and maternal health.

Windows on the Womb
Explore the currently available diagnostic and screening techniques that are changing the nature of both pregnancy and parenthood.


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