Find by Interest Disasters

Anatomy of Katrina
Track the hurricane from its birth in the open ocean through its catastrophic encounter with the Gulf Coast.

Anatomy of Nyiragongo
Find out what features make this unquiet volcano tick.

Anatomy of a Tsunami
Follow the tsunami from its birth at the seafloor to its devastating collision with coasts around the Indian Ocean.

Asteroid That Hit L.A., The
A catastrophe calculator lets you try out some "what if" scenarios.

Blasts From the Past
Explore a clickable map of supereruptions around the world.

How New Orleans Flooded
Examine a visual chronology of exactly where and how 85 percent of the city wound up underwater.

Map the Flood
See how much of your city would have been submerged.

Once and Future Tsunamis
With this interactive world map, learn about nine tsunamis, and see where the next one could strike.

Rate Tornado Damage
Use the Fujita Scale of tornado intensity to assess the level of destruction left in the wake of actual tornadoes.


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