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Anatomy of Yamato
See what made this super battleship both seemingly unsinkable and highly vulnerable to attack.

Ancient Fragments
Browse papyri remnants, from Sophocles to Sappho, from lost sayings of Jesus to an early guidebook on sex.

Antique Aviation
Hear three pilots describe what it's like to fly pioneer aircraft.

Archeological Evidence
On this time line, explore discoveries related to the earliest Israelites, the writing of the Bible, and the birth of monotheism.

Archimedes Palimpsest, The
Follow the 1,000-year-long journey of the Archimedes manuscript, and watch as modern technology makes the erased text reappear.

Babatha's Scroll
Translate a 2,000-year-old cave document from ancient Greek into English.

Be a Demographer
Play a matching game to see how demographic data reflects and shapes the future of the U.S. and three other countries.

Build a Tree-Ring Timeline
Assemble a tree-ring chronology using tree-ring samples to piece together a pattern of rings that stretches back through time.

Career Milestones
A time line of Percy Julian's most notable achievements in chemistry

Colditz Glider, The
POWs held within a Nazi prison secretly built an escape glider in an attic of the prison. Test a virtual cousin of the Colditz glider.

Construct an Aqueduct
Build an aqueduct that will supply an ancient Roman city with clean water.

Damage Done, The
On this high-resolution image, examine how two centuries of loving but imperfect care have altered the Declaration.

Date the Dish
Assess the age of a fine blue-and-white porcelain artifact.

Decode Stela 3
"Read" Maya hieroglyphs carved on an eighth-century stone monument, and hear them spoken aloud.

Defining Science
Hear seven experts briefly describe the essence of science, and how it differs from religion.

Destroy the Castle
Make adjustments to your trebuchet, then try to destroy a castle wall.

Discoveries in Global Dimming
From an 18th-century volcanic eruption to a 21st-century satellite, see what paved the way to our understanding of this phenomenon.

Einstein Quotes
Seven thought-provoking statements from the world's most famous scientist

Escape from Antarctica
Relive Ernest Shackleton's fantastic voyage from Antarctica'a Elephant Island to South Georgia island using a sextant and a chart.

Explore the Shipwreck
Review the inventory of a 17th-century ship's well-preserved artifacts with this clickable drawing, which contains information on the position, description, and conservation of many items recovered during excavation.

Fossil Evidence
Examine five different species transitions that have filled critical gaps in the fossil record.

Galileo's Experiments
Conduct virtual versions of Galileo's thought experiments, including those using an inclined plane and a pendulum.

Grave Analysis
Take a close look at an Inca burial thought to be from the Siege of Lima.

Hieroglyphics: Say What?
Learn about hieroglyphs and then try to decipher a message.

History of the Samurai
In this time line, follow the millennium-long story of these legendary warriors.

Human Numbers Through Time
Examine the startling population growth over the past two millennia, and see what's coming in the next 50 years.

Images of a Legend
See a dozen portrayals of Pocahontas that reveal as much about their makers as about the woman herself.

Impact to Collapse
Watch an expert-narrated slide show of the Twin Towers' final minutes.

Inside Tunnel "Harry"
See how the Allied POWs jerry-built their escape passage right under their captors' noses.

Judge Speaks, The
Listen in as Judge John Jones reads key excerpts from his landmark ruling.

Julian Speaks
Hear Percy Julian himself in these audio excerpts from a 1965 speech.

Making a Masterpiece
Step by painstaking step, see what it takes to create a samurai sword.

Map of Lost U-Boats
U-869 was just one of the more than 1,100 U-boats sunk, scuttled, captured, or otherwise lost to German forces during World War II. Using this clickable map, naval historian Timothy Mulligan describes 25 of the most historically significant U-boats.

Map of the Maya World
From Chichén Itzá in the north to Copán in the south, the Maya empire was vast, with hundreds of known sites. See 15 of the chief cities in this clickable map.

Masterpiece Revealed, A
Explore a 2,000-year-old mural, one of the greatest discoveries of ancient Maya art ever found.

Medicine Through Time
Learn how physicians over the past century would have handled three afflictions: infection, kidney failure, and diabetes.

Military Medicine Through Time
In this interactive, try to identify what you're seeing in medically related photos from the Civil War to the Iraq War.

MiG vs. Sabre Anatomy
Compare the two fighters—one Russian, one American—whose pilots dueled to the death over "MiG Alley."

Move the Moai
Figure out how to move a moai across Easter Island.

Newton's Alchemy
He kept it hidden, but was it truly scandalous? Find out in this interview and interactive manuscript.

Outfitting for Battle
Inca and conquistador soldiers had very different gear—and that made all the difference.

Pisa Panorama
The Leaning Tower is just one of several architectural wonders gracing Pisa's famed Field of Miracles. View the piazza's cathedral, baptistery, and other monuments in this stunning 360-degree image.

Prime Suspects
Examine a lineup of possible culprits in the Permian extinction, vote for your favorite, then see what paleontologist Doug Erwin thinks.

Radical Designs
View influential planes of Santos's era as well as a few odd designs that never quite made it.

Reading Maya Hieroglyphs
The Maya invented a writing system so elaborate that experts have yet to completely decipher it. See if you can interpret some classic Maya hieroglyphs.

Remnants of an Expedition
Franklin expert Russell Potter narrates this audio slide show of artifacts from the lost expedition.

Results of Death-Camp Experiments: Should They Be Used?
Should researchers be able to make use of the findings from Nazi medical experiments on concentration-camp inmates? Form your own opinion in this ethical provocation. Caution: This feature may not be suitable for children.

Scaling the Pyramids
Print out and assemble a scaled-down version of the Great Pyramid.

Scenes From a Quarry
Detailed line drawings reveal the tools and techniques of ancient Greek craftsmen.

Science Fiction and Fact
Follow a time line of parallel worlds—those of sci-fi and quantum physics.

See the Spy Messages
Read the actual telegrams sent between Norway and London.

Seven Wonders - Get Clued In
Use science, geography, and history clues to name the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Spy Photos
A surveillance-image specialist examines photos of Iraq, North Korea, and other political hotspots.

Submersibles Through Time
See how deep-sea research vessels have evolved over the decades.

Time Line of Decipherment
Trace key discoveries in the effort to understand the Maya script.

Timeline of Nazi Abuses
From January 30, 1933 until May 7, 1945, the Nazis unleashed a reign of terror on Europe's Jews, Gypsies, and others. Follow the crescendo of injustices in this illustrated chronology. Caution: This feature contains disturbing photographs.

Timeline of UAVs
From Civil War hot-air balloons to today's miniature flying robots, explore the history of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Tour the Monitor
Lead yourself on a tour of the Monitor above and below decks with these striking 360° panoramas, created to show how the ironclad appeared when it first set sail a century and a half ago.

Tour U-869
In this animation, guide yourself through the World War II German submarine off New Jersey that divers eventually identified as U-869.

Tracing the Routes
In this interactive map, follow the Franklin and Amundsen expeditions—and see how one collapsed while the other thrived.

Who Wrote the Flood Story?
Examine evidence suggesting that at least two sources contributed to the famous story of Noah.

Write Your Name in Runes
See your name spelled in runes, learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet, and delve into the history of the Norse writing system.


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