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Body Breakdowns
Click on different parts of a climber's body to discover what people experience at high altitudes.

Climb Denali
Explore the demanding route from base camp to the 20,320-foot summit.

Climb Everest
Follow the routes up the north and south sides of Mount Everest, through 360° photographic panoramas and animation.

Day In the Life, A
Learn what it's like to be an astronaut aboard the Mir.

Decode Stela 3
"Read" Maya hieroglyphs carved on an eighth-century stone monument, and hear them spoken aloud.

Desert Finds
Locate the "Rub al Khali Desert" and try to figure out the best mechanism to navigate your way out.

Escape from Antarctica
Relive Ernest Shackleton's fantastic voyage from Antarctica'a Elephant Island to South Georgia island using a sextant and a chart.

Explore the Methuselah Grove
In this series of breathtaking 360° panoramas, place yourself 10,000 feet up in California's White Mountains, where the world's oldest tree has stood for almost 5,000 years.

Explore the Moon
Join the Apollo astronauts on the surface in this series of stunning 360-degree panoramas, one each from the six successful Apollo moon landings.

Find Your Longitude
Determine your location on the high seas using only the sun's position and the time of day.

Get Lost: Compass Game
Put yourself in the shoes of a climber and use a compass to find your way.

GPS: The New Navigation
Ever wonder how the Global Positioning System (GPS) works? This extraordinarily complex system is actually based on some simple concepts.

Hazardous Duty Robots
Read about three dangerous situations and then decide which robot is best suited to deal with each situation.

Hazards of Diving Deep
Scuba diving to 230 feet is extremely perilous, even for professional divers. Take a virtual dive to the wreck of U-869 and learn about the threats deep divers face.

Map of Lost U-Boats
U-869 was just one of the more than 1,100 U-boats sunk, scuttled, captured, or otherwise lost to German forces during World War II. Using this clickable map, naval historian Timothy Mulligan describes 25 of the most historically significant U-boats.

Take a closer look at this deep-sea robot, one of only four in the world that can dive to depths of more than 10,000 feet.

Mountain Gear Then and Now
See how climbers' gear has changed from the time of the early 20th-century Everest explorer George Mallory to today.

Origins Game, The
Where are scientists making the great discoveries in origins research? Check out our world map.

Outfitting An Ice Climber
Click through an ice climber's technical wardrobe to learn what he wears and why.

Remnants of an Expedition
Franklin expert Russell Potter narrates this audio slide show of artifacts from the lost expedition.

Search & Salvage
Choose the proper search method to retrieve a camera that has sunk into the ocean depths.

Skydive from the Stratosphere
Step into the shoes of the man who made a record-setting jump from 100,000 feet and deploy your stabilizing and main parachutes to reach the ground safely.

Survival Skills
What are the basic skills anyone heading into the mountains should have?

Take a Virtual Balloon Flight
Take a 4-minute flight in Barron Hilton's hot air balloon with Pilot Jack Waltz and Joe Pickett over Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

Time Line of Decipherment
Trace key discoveries in the effort to understand the Maya script.

Tracing the Routes
In this interactive map, follow the Franklin and Amundsen expeditions—and see how one collapsed while the other thrived.


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