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Amazing Ants Game
Match eight ants—the trap jaw and honey pot among them—to their unique behaviors.

Amber Around the World
From the Arctic to the tropics, from Mexico to Myanmar, amber is cosmopolitan, as this clickable map shows.

Anatomy of the Coelacanth
This survivor from the age of dinosaurs has body parts found in no other living creature.

Anatomy of a Croc
Examine a Nile crocodile and see what makes this amazing reptile tick.

Anatomy of a Cuttlefish
Blue-green blood? Three hearts? Explore what sets cuttlefish apart from other animals.

Anatomy of a Hive
Investigate the physical, behavioral, and social infrastructure inside a bees' nest.

Anatomy of Thylacoleo
Explore what the marsupial lion's skeleton reveals about how it lived.

Bowerbird Matching Game
Five different species of male bowerbirds have become separated from their nests. Place each species in its proper bower, and match him with his mate.

Brief History of Life, A
Explore the history of life on Earth as we know it today, from the earliest bacteria to the first modern humans.

Built to Fly
Compare the anatomy of the oldest known bird and its dinosaur cousins.

Classifying Life
What do a polar bear and a sea cucumber have in common? More than you might imagine.

Coelacanth Quiz
Does this fish lay eggs? Find surprising answers to this and other questions in this illustrated true-false quiz.

Dances with Bees
Learn about and then interpret bee dances.

Defining Science
Hear seven experts briefly describe the essence of science, and how it differs from religion.

Dogs Around The World
Match 14 dogs to the environment they were bred for, from the rugged mountains of Argentina to the Australian outback.

Earth in Peril
How do consumption and rapid population growth affect our planet's natural resources? Explore the many ways in this collection of maps.

El Niño Through Time
See how the recurring El Niño weather phenomenon has left its mark in everything from tree rings to coral reefs.

Engineer a Crop
Modify plants using the traditional method of selective breeding and one of the latest transgenic methods.

Evolution in Action
Change the environment of "living" things and see how random mutations help them survive the changes you bring about.

Find Your Way
Take on the role of a salmon that needs to find its way back to its home stream.

Flowers Modern & Ancient
How does a 125 million-year-old angiosperm measure up to a lily of today?

Fossil Evidence
Examine five different species transitions that have filled critical gaps in the fossil record.

Gene Switches
Not all switches are epigenetic. As this slide show reveals, some are genetic—and amazingly powerful.

Global Trends Quiz
Test your understanding of the population trends and environmental challenges facing nations around the world.

How Caves Form
Watch as rainwater, waves, lava, and bacteria create four different types of caves.

Illuminating Photosynthesis
In nature, photosynthesis takes place on a grand scale without any help from you. Here, you need to help the process along.

Inside a Tubeworm
Get the inside scoop on a giant tubeworm, a creature so unusual that biologists initially placed it in its own special class in the animal kingdom, the vestimentiferans.

Into Living Things
Learn how tree rings, ice cores, and coral reefs help scientists see into the past.

Judge Speaks, The
Listen in as Judge John Jones reads key excerpts from his landmark ruling.

Kanzi the Bonobo
In this audio slide show, researcher Sue Savage-Rumbaugh describes one extraordinarily linguistic ape.

Mating Trickery
Cuttlefish aren't the only wily suitors in the animal kingdom, as this slide show reveals.

Mother of Gardens
Glimpse how China has enriched the world's gardens in this slide show of botanical beauties.

Name that Animal
Match pictures of seven different exotic animals with their correct names to discover more information about each.

Nature's Pharmacy
In this slide show, see wild species that gave rise to penicillin, morphine, and other medications.

Our Family Tree
See (and hear) where you stand among the great apes in this audiovisual interactive.

Pick the Pollinator
Test your knowledge of how insects, birds, and other pollinators help flowering plants flourish.

Population Explosion
In this interactive, trace the effects of the best-understood mass seeding of all, that of oak-tree acorns.

Quick Change Artists
See how cuttlefish use their powers for much more than staying hidden.

Read My Lips
See a slide show of bonobo gestures and facial expressions, and find out what they mean.

See Inside a Diamond
Build a carbon atom out of quarks and electrons and manipulate the three-dimensional structure of a diamond crystal.

Seeing Through Camouflage
Try to distinguish among the four basic types of camouflage that animals use.

Tale of Two Mice, A
In this audio slide show, hear how the epigenome can make identical-twin mice appear so different.

Who's Who of Crocodilians
Use this clickable map to find out about the 23 species of crocodilians around the world.

Wind Tunnel Test
How did Microraptor use its second pair of wings to glide? See for yourself in this virtual experiment.

Wolf-Dog Connection, The
Sort fact from fiction as you answer these 10 true/false questions.


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