concentration camps

The Strategy

The location of the dozens of Bosnia Serb concentration camps coincided with the shape of the country they wanted to form. For this, they needed to clear the territories of all traces of Muslim or Croat enemies in "their" land.

As a general rule their strategy, as set out in the RAM Plan and other documents, was to construct a "Greater Serbia" made up of land bordering Serbia on the east, bordering the Serbian-occupied Krajina (originally Croatia) on the west, and with a land bridge joining the two across the north. The most ferocious Serb fighting and repression was centered in this northern - and to the Serbs - most vulnerable area. (A notable example: Brcko, where Bosnia Serbs murdered 3,000 military age Muslim men in 1992.)

Source for number of camps in each locale: UN commission of Experts, Final Report and Annexes, December 1994.


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