Good NATURE: Hippos

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In Case You Missed It:

Watch Hippos: Africa’s River Giants

Discover an unexpected side of hippos as they protect their young and face their rivals in a drought. Watch HERE.

Our Favorite Moments From the Film:

Watch A Protective Mother Hippo Guard Her Baby

Weighing only 4% as much as an adult, a baby hippo is completely dependent on its mother.

Hippos Fight Off Hungry Birds

During the dry season, water runs low and many pods of hippos are forced to share the same pool, increasing tensions.

Hippos Battle Lions and Hyenas Over Carcass 

The scent of a decaying hippo attracts all sorts of predators to the hippo’s ground, where they must put up a fight to protect their own.

Soothing, Bobbing Hippos: 

Soothing Nature: Hippos

Just keep swimming! Watch these hippos journey through the Okavango River.

Posted by Nature | PBS on Monday, January 13, 2020

Just keep swimming! Watch these hippos journey through the Okavango River.

More Good Nature:

The Making Of “Hippos: Africa’s River Giants”

Take a peek behind the lens of our film, which includes the filmmaker’s boat capsizing after an underwater hippo collision.

An Interview With Baby Fiona

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo

Hear from Fiona’s primary caretakers about her fame and why people think baby hippos are so darn cute.

How Do Hippos Get Clean (from Nature’s Perfect Partners) 


Good Nature Playlist:

From Smithsonian, BBC,Vox, and more, continue your hippo trip with this roundup of videos from around the web.

For Kids:

Wild Kratts: Water Walking With a Hippo