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S22 Ep12
Although green is its emblematic color, Ireland's verdant fields are not the nation's only extraordinary natural features. Sculpted millions of years ago by the advance and retreat of vast shields of ice, the Emerald Isle harbors a wealth of wildlife among its craggy mountains, fog-shrouded coastlines, steep gorges, and vast networks of inland waterways.
Premiered: 3/28/2004
S22 Ep6
Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
In Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns, Cloud is now a band stallion with a mare and her children, a yearling and a foal. Meanwhile, Cloud's own child, which has a telltale golden coat, lives with another herd and will never know him as his father.
Premiered: 11/23/2003
S21 Ep15
War Wrecks of the Coral Seas
Thousands of tons of war wreckage sank into the fabled lagoons of the South Pacific islands during the naval and air battles of World War II. But instead of devastating the region's underwater ecology, the detritus of human conflict turned into artificial reefs, upon which fantastic mini-ecosystems took shape. NATURE gives viewers a new perspective on wildlife in the South Pacific.
Premiered: 5/18/2003
S21 Ep14
A Mystery in Alaska
The Steller's sea lions that populate the Alaskan coastline are powerful, playful, and sometimes rowdy creatures who bump and jostle each other on land but acquire a sublime gracefulness in the water. They are also the subject of a strange and tragic mystery: Steller's sea lions are rapidly disappearing from one of the last great wildlife strongholds of the world, and no one knows why.
Premiered: 5/11/2003
S21 Ep9
The Reptiles: Snakes
Reveals the secrets, surprises, and strangeness of two-headed snakes and other amazing reptiles.
Premiered: 2/9/2003


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